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Throughout our Teacher Training for the Venus Star Point in Santa Fe in April, 2013, we were asked to think of a group of five or more people in order to discuss relationships on the Venus Star.? Because Venus traces the five points of the star every eight years, I got the idea to use the ABC show ?The View?.? As alleged coincidence would have it, this talk show would be celebrating its 16th year anniversary in August, 2013.? Venus completes the five pointed star every eight years.? 2013, the same year Arielle Guttman offered her first Teacher Certification in Venus Star Point.? The View?s anniversary represents two Venus Star Point cycles.

VSP Group Dynamics and Co-Hosts? Controversies

The format of The View has always included five women.? Along with the number eight, five is the Venus Star number as symbolized by the pentagram and the 5th harmonic.? Barbara Walters (Aries MS) is one of the show co-creators.? A characteristic of Aries Stars is to stir up, inciting others to action.? Ms. Walters is a pioneering broadcast journalist.? She was the first woman to have the title ?co-host? on any TV network news or public affairs program through The Today Show in 1974.? Two years later again in typical Aries MS fashion she became the first woman to co-host ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner (last of Sagittarius MS).? On the Venus Star relationship between these two stars is called Karmic, ?feeding? each other in either cooperative or dominating ways or both.

ES (Evening Star/yin/lover/otherworldly aspect) ?

MS (Morning Star/yang/warrior/earthy aspect)

The other four I?ve chosen to study are Whoopi Goldberg (Virgo ES), Joy Behar (Aquarius MS), Sherri Shepherd (Scorpio ES) and Elizabeth Hasselbeck (Aries MS).? In perfect Venus retrograde synchronicity, Rosie O?Donnell (Aquarius ES) will return to the show as a guest in February, 2014.? She and conservative firebrand Hasselbeck had a split screen falling out in 2007.? O?Donnell said about her leaving, ?I learned that for me, if I can?t be the boss of a show, I shouldn?t be on the show.?? Spoken like an Aries Sun and Aquarius Evening Star Venus, demonstrating her incredible independence and pioneering efforts (she also refused to wear an earpiece to be coached on what to say).? The other four women did wear earpieces.? Do they still?

It should be noted that Rosie went on to her own show and then to a short lived show on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network).? She and Oprah are Reflecting Twin Aquarius Evening Stars and Walters and Hasselbeck are Reflecting Twin Aries Morning Stars. ?On the Venus Star, Reflecting Stars are the same sign and phase.?? Harmonizing Twin Stars possess the same sign but one is morning (yang) and the other is evening (yin).

Fire (Aries) needs air (Aquarius) to exist.? Without these two intelligent and communally driven women operating through the Aquarius Star, Aries Star can appear off-the-cuff and disconnected from anything that they did not personally begin or is not all centered on them. ?If you?ve happened to get bogged down into astro-talk, Walters and Hasselbeck are the ?if ain?t about me, I?m not interested? Aries Morning Star folk.? ?An Aries Venus Star has to be careful not to make everything about them and their efforts.? That?s why their creative ?helping hand? effort can be broadened and given mass appeal when paired with an Aquarius Star found in Oprah and O?Donnell.

Ms. Walters possesses a Libra Sun, so she has had the foresight to choose partners who accentuate her more inclusive qualities.? Ms. Hasselback has a Gemini Sun, which usually is bright as its associates, remember she campaigned for Sarah Palin, a Virgo Evening Star like our illustrious First Lady and Whoopi Goldberg.? The Good Book says (in honor of Christians like Ms. Hasselbeck who feel ?victimized?), ?Bad associations spoil useful habits?, First Corinthians Chapter 15, Verse 57.? Gemini?s constantly searching mind can easily become reductionist when there is narrowly tailored information gathered (shades of their opposite sign of Sagittarius).? In essence, this Star and Sun combo shows its passion like Duck Dynasty?s Phil Robertson (Aquarius Evening Star).? In Phil?s case he has a Taurus Sun which goes to explain his dogmatic values about what everyone should do (or not) with their physical bodies. ?The mutability of Gemini informs a mind that is learning how to open, doesn?t mean it is.? ??In Ms. Hasselbeck?s case, that appears to not have happened during her stint on The View.? Now, she is a Fox anchor.? Fundamentalist alert!? Can a brother get away from the xenophobes?? This attorney rests his case.

Another Aries Sun and Aquarius Star pairing came through Star Jones.? She created controversy over her supposed ?diet? and how she allegedly used the show?s advertisers to secure a lavish wedding.? It was reported that the other co-hosts could not speak about any gastric bypass surgery that Ms. Jones may have had.? Ms. Jones is born three days after Ms. O?Donnell, so the Aries Sun is the creative helping hand to their Aquarius ES.? These women possess classic independence and desire to bend, if not, break the rules of social decorum and good taste.? Rosie has been a gifted stand up comedienne and ?all around the way girl? neighborhood lesbian.? Realize because this is Venus, let?s be sure to venerate women.? Ms. O?Donnell is a woman, not a girl.? These two women receive helping hand energy from Ms. Walters and Ms. Hasselbeck?s Aries MS Stars.? Aquarius ES (with an Aries Sun) can make these women brash and otherworldly.? This can easily foster an ?above it all? approach to life.? Aquarius ES Stars always think they know best for whatever ?society? or ?team? to which they belong.

Is the Earth Flat?? Maturing The View


While Ms. Walters is co-creator and co-executive producer, she could have benefited from the advice of the Venus Star.? For a show dedicated and fully populated by women, there is no (and never has been) a Cancer Star, Morning or Evening.? The other co-creator and co-executive producer, Bill Geddie has his Sun in Cancer which can act as a proxy or stand in, but in white male body, I don?t think so.?? Snap!

It was not until the steady Virgo ES found in Whoopi Goldberg that The View found a mature center in a co-host.? It is rumored that Goldberg could not find work after the FCC censored her in 2004.? However, Virgo Stars karmically feed Aries Stars.? Ms. Goldberg would find her home in double yin of the Virgo ES being able to moderate the double yang of Aries MS shining through Ms. Walters and Ms. Hasselbeck.? With the addition of Jenny McCarthy (Gemini MS) for the 2013-14 season, her controversial views (pun intended) on childhood vaccination and the Pope Francis may keep the audience tuning in, instead of tuning out.

I wish Ms. Walters the best for the next stage of her life.? With an Aries Evening Star, expect the unexpected.? Watch her pioneer what it means to be 84 in America.

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