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Tonight at 7.28 pm CST the Sun, Moon and Earth align in the executive sign of Capricorn. There is a no nonsense quality to this initiating earth sign. Sure, you can feel as if ?life is a bitch and then you die? quality, but that for those who have no dreams of being in full on control of co-creating their destiny. Collective power driven and transformative Pluto adds an emotional wallop to this eclipse, so be cautious as to where and what foundations you are building your life upon.

Solar eclipses demonstrate flaws in your will. Your will is your intention behind all of your actions. When your will is blocked, our higher guidance through Astrology suggests asking yourself a different set of questions. For example, what is the nature of power versus control? Can you cooperate with others who share a conflicting world view of life, love and politics? How ambitious are you? What your standards and have you been living up to them? Where do you want to build a legacy that benefits more than your family, your klan?

To realize that any delays that occur at this time may be the proverbial blessing in disguise. You could be putting your energies in all the wrong places or being impatient for results with the wrong ingredients. Reanalyze your human resources. Praise others when they have been there for you. Use the current Mars in Aries to research new ideas without ignoring what has worked for others in the past. Traditions and conventions are not inherently bad. Old school can teach from experience. However, with expansive Jupiter holding court in his home sign of Sagittarius, vision must be tempered with experience. Use faith driven Neptune in Pisces to access your multidimensional soul to include all living creatures, including Gaia aka Planet Earth. Know that the middle degrees of any sign (where this solar eclipse falls) symbolizes a concentrated purity of the sign. Capricorn is the true conservative (like my grandmother saving paper bags decades before anyone used the word ?recycle?.

Numbers: 1+5+2+0+1+9= 18/9?The Moon, The Hermit indicate getting mature and real about your life. Let this Solar Eclipse illuminate which responsibilities are yours and which ones are not. End all codependent patterns over the next weeks and months to come. This is particularly true if you are born on the 9th, 18th or 27th or have a birth path (the month, day and year of birth) that is a 9, 18, 27 (remember to include 19 when determining your birth path).

Cards Capricorn is traditionally associated with The Devil card. When there is little to no reflection upon our instincts, our behaviors can become routine and superficial. The ?Devil?s Advocate? asks you the challenging questions, your intention behind your behaviors. Realizing content over form looms important in these days of information at our fingertips. Take your time in judging the behavior of anyone you?ve recently met (within the last three months).


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