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How Deep Is Your Love? Cancer Full Moon 26 Dec 23 @633pm CST

We can have deep love--narrow, loyal to an individual and erotic (Musical links are *old school, **hip hop/R&B cover Enjoy!

Does your profound love come from Unity of another, based upon self-acceptance or out of obligatory appearances? Playing a role in public life can be admirable. However, if your reputation and saving face outweigh or not match up with your inner homebody self, then watch out. Your roof is caving in. Begin with an intention of giving energies freely to your chosen communities. In essence, this builds a strong foundation (Cancer Moon/Mood), no matter what happens to the 'roof' (Capricorn Sun).

The first day of Kwanzaa is Umoja/Unity. Kwanzaa means 'first fruits'. The fruit of our intentions. Setting intention to feel the fruit of unity in your outer environment. Carl Jung (Swiss Psychoanalyst) stated ‘nothing is more harmful in a child’s environment is the unfulfilled lives of the parents”.

Cancer represents the womb; Capricorn the knees. The ability to produce a child requires an inner environment. Even when a woman decides to not have children or has had a hysterectomy, imagine that she produces ‘children of the mind”. Capricorn’s humility (bended knee symbolism) can be done in sacred places (inner room, altars and community spaces of worship. Umoja asks all of us to self-reflect upon our intentions behind our giving and receiving.

A transpersonal initiating earth sign, Capricorn as the satyr lusts and covets for the best fruits o the physical world. Be that a larger house, successful work or consistent sex life, there’s an acceptance of bringing the heat to this world, in a controlled and self-disciplined manner. 

As transpersonal signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, have within them a vision of how to share the resources of our world. This Cancer Full Moon merges personal and reciprocal love with expansive grace flourishing under the pressures of the physical world.

We agreed to take on these physical vehicles to travel, carry and journey as a pilgrim or traveler. As we walk our paths, the virtue of a traveler is to seek a place to stay, possess adequate resources and helpful friends. Umoja reminds us of the gratitude expresses to our supporters be they a hotelier, sommelier or some other bourgeois French word to exalt and distinguish ‘The Help’. Now, there are some that put fecal matter in food for those who are ungrateful and superior acting (nod to the movie ‘The Help’). How often do you become so attached to your comforts that you begin to complain when some experience is not up to your standards. 

If you maintain extreme standards, then you have expectations. If you have expectations, then you open yourself to disappointments. Disappointments sever the fruit of Umoja/Unity from the tree of adventure. Jupiter in Taurus provides an outlet of gratitude and celebration from a position of recognizing what you have.

Allow your suspicious (dark yin/feminine) energies to cast a light on self-cultivation and self-discipline. When you contemplate your intentions, then you have a baseline of assessing your inner growth. Moderate extremes in either direction---not to overdo while seeing where and how your ‘comfort zone’ has made your rigid. Let down your guard to enjoy these next six days of Kwanzaa.

  1. Umoja/Unity/26 Dec

  2. Kujichagulia/Self-Determination/27 Dec

  3. Ujima/Collective Work & Responsibility//28 Dec

  4. Ujamaa/Collective Economics/29 Dec

  5. Nia/Purpose/30 Dec

  6. Kuumba/Creativity/31 Dec

  7. Imani/Faith/1 Jan

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