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I Will Survive: Kujichagulia/Self-determination Day Two of Kwanzaa

Torch & classic disco tune ‘I Will Survive’ tells a tale of an abandoned (prolly codependent) lover who takes agency of their life. I Will Survive

Follow this link: Parenting for Liberation connects our life’s beginning and family to our ability to have and express self-determination daily. 

Kujichagulia (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-yah)/Self-Determination Realized

  1. Knowing what your name means.

  2. Knowing your birth story.

  3. Realizing your ability to co-create your reality.

  4. Taking responsibility for your life and your relationships.

  5. Release self-blame, guilt and shame no matter how your life’s story began

7 Fruits/Days of Kwanzaa:
Umoja/Unity, Kujichagulia/Self-Determination, Umoja/Collective Work & Responsibility, Ujamaa/Collective Economics, Nia/Purpose, Kuumba/Creativity & Imani/Faith

Kujichagulia/Self-Determination By Astrological Sign & Element

Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius start each orientation (personal, interpersonal & transpersonal, respectively). Realizing your Sun sign is what you’re here to learn at Earth's school. These inspirational folx demonstrate how to act on vision and see the possibilities in their every conscious moment.

Aries survives in seeing what needs to be done now. Known as a warrior sign, when stressed,an ‘us vs them’ mentality can motivate them. You want these folx on your side in any battle (courts included). Self-determines through being themselves unfiltered---’I am’.

Leo, as concentrated fire, shines light on everyone’s potential including their own usually as a role model. These beings are here to learn to possess courage. Self-determines through ‘I will’. 


Like Sagittarius who sees possibilities of expansion and inclusion in every moment. They build a planetary and multicultural identity. Self-determines through ‘I see’ and ‘We think”.

Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are educating themselves on how to move through the ‘so-called’ real world of the physical body, money, work and status. They show up in third dimension. When it comes to putting the proverbial pedal to the metal (and survive) these three signs just ought to be sought after.

Taurus attaches to what is seen and felt as valuable to them, be that a person, home, child, money or work. These are pleasure centered people of the zodiac. They are the penultimate survivors. Like Leo, they will act in their own best interests. Self- determines through ‘I have’.

Virgo knows themselves through service. Ideally, it should be to themselves first then to others. In any disaster, these exacting people will know which plant or herb will be healing or toxic. Self-determines through ‘I analyze’.

Capricorn looks out to their community (work and family) and assigns everyone’s role. They bring everyone into their ‘big tent’. Ideally, they temper their judge-ments with mercy---donning a ‘tough, but fair’ mask. Self-determines through ‘I utilize/use’ and ‘We Feel’. Imagine a member of the royal family saying ‘We are not amused’. Humor can be dry AF.

Human Signs of the Air Element

Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the human signs. They use their brains to communicate our shared ideals so they elevate the conversation. They inspire us to behave humanely. Might be having a cooler heart, but when their intellect searches what is best for all interested parties, they make sure everyone’s invited to the cookout (or party).

Gemini will know what every neighbor has in their garage or home. Their curious minds investigate our shadowy side, often taking a ‘live and let live’ approach. Self-determines through ‘I think’. Can negotiate survival for everyone who’s been loyal to them.

Libra, as the consummate mediator, is here to learn how to create partnerships of all kinds. While on first impression you may assume their kindness is a weakness, you’ll find yourself easily becoming protective. Survival is rarely enough. They are easily the arbiters of taste and civilization. Self-determines through ‘I balance’ and ‘We are’. Peacemakers the whole lot of them (certainly if you give them little to become argumentative about.

Aquarius will probably know when the entire planet will break down. Their futuristic mannerisms will have the bunker in their backyards with a list of who’ll make the cut---once the mean aliens decloak. They create the brain trusts, for sure. Ideally, they give everyone the freedom to bring to the community their unique skills. Self-determines through ‘I know’ and ‘We Will’. 

Umoja/Unity/Love of the Water Element

Last and certainly not least is the water element. These signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces bring the love and Umoja/Unity they symbolically glue us all together. Sure, some of your boundaries can be eroded, but usually there are little to no complaints. In essence these three signs represent the intangible assets of the seven days of Kwanzaa.

Cancer cautiously moves through the world with a vigilant eye towards protecting themselves, their families, old and young alike. Like Taurus, the refrigerator will be swole (full). Like Aquarius, they’ll own a bunker or know someone who they’ve stocked it. Self-determines through ‘I feel’.

Scorpio scrutinizes their own weakness. Any perceived lack of agency, they will get to the root cause. Eff, the symptoms, knowledge is power and self-knowledge is how they succeed on their own terms. Psychologically astute, they will form strategic alliances where everyone wins. They are the zodiac’s ‘transformative diplomats’. Self-determines through ‘I create/I desire’ and ‘We have’. Sharing is caring, yes?

Pisces, sigh. Called the ‘dustbin or garbage pail of the zodiac’. These sensitive folx are the believers. Each of the fishes is multidimensional. When blocked to have agency in one area of their lives, they’ll create a parallel reality where they’re running the show. Self-determines through shape shifting their keyphrase of ‘I believe’ and ‘We analyze’. Trust--in any extreme situation you want to tease out their creative and compassionate hearts along with an active mind.

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