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Inquisitive, Curious or Nosy & Domineering? Full Moon in Sagittarius 5.23.24 Claps Back

'May you live in interesting times' is a Chinese blessing/curse similar to our Southern 'Bless Their Hearts'. It's a mixture of recognizing where your personal preferences intersect with someone's behavior that you do not understand or agree with, but your belief system doesn't allow you to 'cast the first (or any) stone'.

This Full Moon has Pluto (transformation) in Aquarius (let's question all authority) as best supporting actor to the other human signs of Gemini and Aquarius.

Fire Signs:

The animal signs of Aries and Leo will have to know when they've pushed others enough. Let's 'bless their hearts' to know and feel the difference between inspiration and bragging. Fire signs are best through actions---aligned with what they say they're gonna do. Make like a historian and remind them of when they've not followed through on their words. After all, a late or non-committing fire sign (u too Sag) keeps us thirsty and preorgasmic.

Earth Signs:

With Pragmatic Saturn maintaining his yachts on the mystical waters of Pisces, there's an inherent insecurity to what works. Nothing works if you're not willing to play on a team. Taurus, give freely or don't give at all. Be proactive, recognizing where you have more. After all, expansive Jupiter has been in your sign for a year, if you're not more prosperous, then may you need to retool your definition of what the prosperity means to you. Virgo and Capricorn you've been going through it in direct proportion to focusing on the garbage thinking that the 'ends justifies the means'. Naw, that's some outmoded patriarchal Pisces Age BS. Human signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sag & Libra) know consensus building matters.

Air signs:

Telling your truth is all. Your acute minds and observational skills are an asset---but only when your heart is open. Take 'warm & fuzzy' out of your vocabulary. Gemini it's your season & you're about to reap the rewards of the last 11 years of being there for everyone else. 'Pay it forward' Jupiter enters your sign this weekend. Give more and receive more. Your other air tribe (Libra & Aquarius) reap rewards too. Expanding their minds through language and culture is indicated for the Scale Bearers. While the Water Bearers of Aquarius have the best vibes for new love, craft or hobby that brings fire to their sometimes hot minds, but cold hearts. Chills.

Water signs:

Yep, this last year may have been drier than usual from a feeling perspective, but Jupiter in land locked Taurus that sought 'recreational criticism' is over in a couple of days. With ol' Jove in hot & moist Gemini for the next year, Cancers will have an awareness of an angel or ancestor or both sitting on their shoulders. Conscience, thy name is Cancer and Scorpio too. If there's been any regression in your health, Jupiter in your sixth sector of physical routine to make your life more efficient, buck up, it's happening, Scorpio. Pisces, you're ready for a larger home or metaphorically, liking being at home...a theatre, garden or entertaining students and relatives from afar?

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