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“It’s Now or Never for a Green New Deal”

“It’s Now or Never for a Green New Deal” by Carbon Radio

Environmental problems are larger than individual nations. Time to stay dominant and toxicly masculine ensures our collective destruction. Self interested adolescent souls must learn to share. Our Earth is giving us so much time. Green is Yin. Earth is feminine. She must be protected and nourished.

Outward expansion & use of resources has to shift inwardly. 84 years ago New Deal, radical shift in Government programs…but guess which groups were left out or effed with? One radical Uranian cycle ago in ‘I have’ Taurus. Blacks and Indigenous peoples, alone again, naturally. Well, Blacks got redlined & Indians got effed with through the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. You see, the Southern states would agree to certain legislation.

Compromises seem to never go away..3/5 of a person and broken treaties.

1776 to 1860 to 1944 to 2028…joining higher authority with actual feet on the ground. Or values & beliefs aligning with ideals. Every 80 to 84 years Uranus awakens the lower egocentric divisiveness with a more inclusive connection.

Taxation & representation 4 our Earth matter, like Black Lives

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