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It's You--Cancer Moon 🌕🌔Sagittarius ☀️ AstrORM--Aquarius/Aligning With Intention

Aligning With Intention roots us to Aquarius ♒️. And, with all things ✨️ Water Bearer aka Star Child aka Rebellious One, rules bend.

Be careful when you align with certain virtues--like Love ❤️ 😍 💖 in all its forms.

Or Compassion? What about Patience? Grace? Goodwill?

You know, you're asking for suffering and disappointment 😞...that is if you're coming at it from a self-image--of 'The Long Suffering One'

Aquarius energy likes to keep score--whenever our forebrain leads our hearts 💕 --whenever we know so much that we behave as if thinking is superior to feeling.


That Effing Royal We--How We Segregrate Ourselves Now Known As Cancel Culture

Aquarius and thee Royal We--remember we have ALL 12 Signs/Pillars within us. To point a finger outside at someone else physically demonstrates three pointing back at YOU!

We (all) create untenable one-sided relationships. We (all) pretend. We (all) play a role for others. We (all) end up in the 'lost & found'. Hell and its good Intentioned Road is where we suffer enough to ask questions (as a lawyer & social worker colleague used to say ("when you're in enough pain, you'll begin to change") Period.

There is no blame to be found nowhere. Lemme repeat--there's no blame to be found nowhere. Blame freeze frames life. Imagine the Alaskan tundra with Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck (both born on 2.11.64, fuck yeah!) or Dick Cheney (they all be Aquarians!) droning in your ear--drowning out you loving present moment heart. OUCH.

For heart healing--now feel Abraham Lincoln being serenaded by Alicia Keys (two other Aquarians! ❤️🧡💚💜✨️)

Our minds when led by our Egos atrophies our hearts 💕. Precisely why the phrase 'heart & soul' is often connected, yes?

The soul feeds our thriving spirit to take those leaps of faith to keep ✨️ life's mysteries alive.

Try this tune on for heart size and more importantly YOU!

Your seeking ends (& paradoxically begins, go figure, right?) when you shift focus from outside yourself to inside.

I'm a Trekkie, even nerdily bleed going where no one has gone before--fuckin' A-zoh, I digress--exploration is INNER SPACE--lovingly I call these JCPenney moments when they marketed their department store with the jingle: "It's All Inside!"

Last tune is sung by my Detroit homegirls The Perri Sisters (if u recognize their choral harmonies--they backup Anita Baker lots!)

It's been you --all the time, for sure ♥️💚💜🙏🏾👍🏾👏🏾🙌🏾

Oh, fuck, had one more tune to be Aligning With Intention 👍🏾🙌🏾

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