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Jon Stewart was born November 28, 1962. ?He did an insightful take on Sean Hannity, commentator on the FOX news network (born December 30, 1961).

Jon was born with a Morning Star Venus in Scorpio; Sean was born with a Morning Star Venus in Aries. ?There are five points to the Venus Star. ?Scorpio began in 1926; Aries started in 1929. Each Venus Star lasts approximately 100-110 years. ?Point? ?Pun intended. ?These men are life mates. ?Life mates represent a karmic connection between these two men. ?Karmic as in recognizable intensity, these two individuals are drawn to each other for the purposes of their soul’s evolving. ?With the Scorpio at the head, Aries feeds from its receiving foot. ?But, I’ve digressed.

On Mr. Stewart’s show on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, he showed Mr. Hannity saying that “he’s kinda of obsessed with this program”. ?The beauty of a Scorpio Star is to get to an all agreed upon point of personal passion. ?Jon said, “you can say true things”. ?He continued, “and, in the same way that I’m obsessed with antibiotic resistant super bugs, Pacific garbage patch or the KFC double down…that humanity our society is still weighed down by these burdens of a seemingly more medieval time, like your show…my god, you are the Arby’s of News.”

Mr. Hannity is an Aries Morning Star that feeds the Scorpio Star. ?Sean gives Jon some of his best comedic pieces. ?Sean who believes that there’s “no such thing as bad press”. ?He uses the most power hungry aspects of his personal passion to be on top (Aries stars must win at whatever they incites passion and to fuel this he has Mars, governor of Aries, in power hungry Capricorn).

Both Aries and Scorpio Venus stars get their energetic managerial clues from Mars. ?Mr. Stewart’s Mars is in fiery but heartfelt Leo. ?When he speaks his brand of truth to power from his passionate center, you sense a certain ‘doesn’t everyone just want to drop the pretense of control to have fun?’ ?However, in this day and on this Earth, the dualism continues to reign. ?On the Venus Star there are points of intense evolution, and these two men symbolize an earnest Aries and Scorpio battle, trash talk and cattle prodding (in Chinese Astrology: Hannity is a Metal Ox, so pun intended). ?My money is on Stewart because as I am fond of saying ‘the world is moving in our direction’. I have a Scorpio Morning Star (or better said, Venus Star has me.)

You’ve got five points: ?your head, two helping hands and two feet. ?Think Vitruvius man. ?That Arby’s of news piece was just too delicious to ignore as it relates to the Venus Star Point. ?This feeding can be a number of things, sometimes it can make one vomit or feel very satisfied. ?In the case of these two men, it is probably a bit of both.

What I do know is that it is important to know on your personal five pointed Venus Star to know who feeds your soul, reason for living and because it’s all about service and relationship, whose soul do you tend to?


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