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June, Like Virginia, Is For Lovers!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Yep, Pride month (Stonewall Rebellion June 28, 1969) & hell, June rocks for Baecations!

BAE (Before Anyone Else) + Vacations = Baecations. The sixth month & sixth Tarot trump is The Lovers...what else ya GD need, huh?

Breathe & take a nostalgic listen:

Love in all of its forms. At times I reminisce on what my teenage & early 20's would been like had I seen 'Love is Love' signs in my neighborhood or hell, internet/smartphone reality, eh?

However, we all know in our souls that power works through us from present moment to present moment...NOW is all we have, yep?

Watch this video for June 1 and June in general---paradox is now and the future without allowing our minds to go to extremes...

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