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Do you remember when you stopped believing in Santa Claus? ?What if you had a parent of an oppressed group who simply said he was not going to give credit to a bearded white man for giving gifts to his children? ?Or what if you had an off planet deity that wanted all of your worship, in other words, Santa or any other holy days (holiday) with Pagan roots could not be celebrated? ?I am fortunate enough to be able to answer yes to the latter two questions. ?I cannot remember ceasing to believe in the Santa because I never did believe; it was a story not told to me. ?Before you reach for your tissue, Tito, know this: ?I received gifts at the same time as every other child at Christmas. ?My father would stop by on Thanksgiving weekend or thereabouts and get a list of what we wanted, needed and pipe dreamed about. ?There were always ?Santa? gifts, little trinkets that you did not ask for or expect. ?Tasteful. ?Benign. ?Extravagant. ?When Jupiter is acting within his heavenly boundaries, these three qualities describe him.

By Jove, do you still got it???Jupiter, aka the ?greater benefic?, brings gifts. ?But, aren?t we told to beware of gifts? ?Oh, that?s beware of the Greeks bearing gifts. Well, this ain?t Troy, is it? ?And, lemme tell ya something, you ain?t Helen. ?I would not want to Paris, either. ?I?ve digressed.

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, larger-than-life Jupiter enters into noble and spirited Leo. ?At around 5.35 am CDT the king of the gods moves into royal, celebrity oriented and self-focused Leo. ?For the next year, we all have a basic choice ?love or pride?? ?Sade (Scorpio Evening Star) sung ?Love Is Stronger Than Pride?

I won?t pretend that I intend to stop living/I won?t pretend that I?m good at forgiving/I still really, really love you/Love is stronger than pride

The shadow of Jupiter is excess and entitlement; the shadow of Leo is pride and domination. ?However, a body part connected to Leo is the heart. ?And, the heart wants what the heart wants. ?WTF?! ?This concentrated fire sign opens its emotional spirit to the possibilities of love and play. ?When wounded, this fire sign burns everyone with judgmental looks, inauthenticity and a stubborn refusal to admit to its mistakes. ?Think the dictator who has to surrounds himself with sycophants. ?Think the rich person who has no real friends. ?Remember Leo (self/ego) opposes Aquarius (community/friends). ?Intervention could be considered a product of the Leo/Aquarius axis.

Jupiter expands the energy of whatever sign it moves through. ?Therefore, from July 16, 2014 through August 11, 2015 we get a gracious opportunity to play with our egos and hearts. ?Or, lose ourselves in the insecurities of ?sucking all the air? out of the room, competing for attention, operating from controlling and petty stances, the choice is ours.

So what gifts is ol? Jove bringing to you?

Jupiter is the largest planet in our known solar system. ?He is our great protector and benefactor. ?In one of my incarnations as Cost Accountant Paul, I see Jupiter as our ?karmic assets?. ?When we believe we have more of something (and we understand an aspect of karma), we begin to pay it forward. ?It is akin to Oprah and her iconic phrase of ?You get a car?, etc. ?Wherever Jupiter falls in your natal chart you perceive abundance. ?However, a shadow of this abundance is a certain blindness brought on by privilege and entitlement. ?Your belief in your being chosen and protected can lead to a narcissistic perspective, a ?let them eat cake? mentality. ?How many times have you heard those with trust funds speak on the bounty of the universe or an attractive person bemoan their love life? ?It is not to say that the rich and beautiful do not have challenges and burdens, it is only that Jupiter can make one callous and insensitive to other people?s burdens.

Jupiter, physically, is a mystery. He gives off an amount of heat and light, as do stars. ?This fact has led some astronomers to surmise that he is an aborted star. ?There are at least 67 confirmed moons that steadily orbit this gas giant surrounded by clouds (see, he?s shy).

As strongly influencing the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter acts an intermediary between the higher aspirational side of our beings and how to raise physical energy and manifestation. ?Is it any wonder that Sagittarius? symbol is one of a centaur, a mythical beast that has a mixture of a horse and human body? Divine and animal, above and below, higher and lower, remember these are designations of perspectives, not judgments. Those eureka moments and epiphanies easily fall under the guise of Jupiter. ?It is as if spirit falls down onto you, granting your life with a vision of what is possible. While Jupiter blazes through Leo, he expands our heartfelt need for inspiration, play and joy. ?Out of the three fire signs, Leo can be the most introspective, desiring to understand what unique mark it wants to make unto the world.

Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius?are born to imagine the possibilities in each moment of life. ?They can be likened to the child who does not want to go to sleep for fear she may miss out on some happening. ?Because Jupiter expands the element he touches, excessive pride can be at issue for these three signs more than the other elements. ?Water controls fire. ?Just a touch of Love, Unity and Empathy (new band playing at a stadium near you) can temper any wounded egos, hurt pride and dominating stances. ?Simple apologies can work wonders for the fire element while big ol? Jove is in Leo.

No quick judgments allowed. ?No giving to receive, if you cannot release what is given to another, then keep it. ?Otherwise it will be a manipulation. ?The sure way to create success this Leo Jupiter year is to give freely, flaunt it, if you must and above all, keep the larger communal picture in mind. ?Communal means family also. ?If you have to vent, keep it short, simple and to inner circle. ?Remember to the rest of us you fire signs make life look easy. ?We do not see what it takes for you to get ready. ?You do not show up unless you are fabulous!

Traditional astrologers would speak to an increasing waistline. ?Psychologically speaking, it is best to guard your tendency towards arrogance, vanity and snobbery. ?We all are doing the best we know how given our set of circumstances. ?Your standards belong to you. ?Until proven otherwise give others the benefit of the doubt. When you have more, share more. ?When you have less, share less. ?Appearances mean almost everything to you. ?Some of us rarely if ever judge a book by its cover (again, water signs of Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces).

When it doubt wear gold, orange and other lively earth tones. ?Do not be surprised if you want to a risk in the stock market or buying metals. ?As self-knowledge precedes any meaningful self-expression, investigation comes before risk. ?Jupiter is a great benefactor and protector, but even he has his limits (Saturn transits Scorpio until December 23, 2014). ?He?s in cautious and contracting in ?life or death? Scorpio, you?d be wise to imagine the worst case scenarios, even while you speculate on increasing your portfolio. ?There?s a way in which these two energies can work together. ?How much passion and patience do you really possess? ?Sounds like an office visit or audio recording.

Earth Signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn?live the adage about bird in hand versus birds in bushes. ?A Leo Jupiter wants us to lighten up, behave as if we are children of God on a play date with Joy, Love and Happiness (another new band playing at a stadium near you). ?The heart opens. ?Like the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you can be retentive, holding on to past wounds as if your life depended on it. ?Locate the ?anahatta? Sanskrit for the ?unstruck? or ?untouched? part of your heart. ?When hurt, you work. ?In this way, it is important that you reframe the aspects of your daily work in a positive light.

Virgo has the easiest task under this Jupiter visit to its next door neighbor sign of Leo. ?As you remember to flow with the larger picture, you only have to believe in your own virtues. ?It does not mean you cease your self-improvement efforts. ?This time until August, 2015, the eleventh to be precise, promises to be filled with the multiverse and all of its dimensions vying to get your attention. ?Spend time each day in nature or allowing you to be led to alternative sources of info and connection to Spirit. ?Capricorn, you?d be wise to take more initiative at work, and center it centers upon building your coworkers? morale too. ?Taurus, a homebody anyway, you could find your dream pad, enlarge your family or make up with an estranged family member.

Bottom line for you earth dwellers: ?enliven your innate spirit and trust in the physical dimension. ?Each of you can do this in your own unique manner of awakening your soul and feeling your way to having a more prosperous life. ?Humility works for the fire element; trust in the invisible works for you. ?Have you ever seen a feeling? ?No, you see the effects of feelings. ?A smile, a glint in the eye or a warm and much needed touch, these are the results of soul work. ?Sure, you may have to go into the basement of your being (subconscious, the past where your wounds still exist), but this inner work will be worth it. ?However, make time for fun too! ?All introspection and no play make you heavy and dull. ?Jupiter and Leo ain?t havin? any of that!

Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius?can have the best time increasing the scope of their social circles. After we get our security needs met, we can turn to these light hearted energies and circulate our best ideas for mutual cooperation and optimism.

As the element of mental and verbal communication, the expansive and passionate energy of a Leo Jupiter can at first seem like too much of a good thing that also too good to be true. ?And, the next Mercury retrograde (Oct 4 -25) may manifest these thoughts of an unreal world. ?The more you stray from your connection to the common good and your principles, the more likely you?ll begin to hang out with those who have shady ethics. ?Stay on path through constant reflection of your motives behind your behaviors. ?Gemini folk are especially susceptible. ?Your minds tend to operate on a loose ethic stream anyway. ?Hey, I said your minds. ?Leo is about the heart. ?And, Librans come into the lives of the other two air signs to get equivocation on just what are ethics and values anyway? ?Balanced Librans can teach their air sign siblings how to have heart first.

The current Venus Star is Morning and in Capricorn. From now until October 25, we are all more susceptible to the power trip side of Leo, and not its playful side. ?Capricorn looks to Leo for its light. ?Leo’s sunny disposition is what grounds Capricorn. ?It is not enough to just work, there must be some whistling too. ?Which of the seven dwarfs do you have affinity? ?Once the Venus Star goes Evening and shifts to Scorpio, passions ignite (along with determination, perseverance and stubbornness). ?However, when relaxed and self-trusting (is there really any other kind?), Scorpio Star and Leo Jupiter are made for extravagant parties, events and living well. ?Both signs want to share their bounty with those they love. ?The air signs make sure everyone?s invited.

Aquarius must begin to tell a different story about love lost or too easily found where there?s little appreciation. ?Libra must admit where there?s a star fucking going on, that is, the weakened identity is strengthened by the ?celebrity? or the narcissistic mate. ?Find your center, Libra, and this Jupiter will deliver joy and pleasure you?ve been afraid to dream of.

Water sign of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces?have productivity on their minds, but what?s in their hearts? ?Have you ever noticed that what you don?t want to do, you make up ways to not do it? ?You?ve got procrastination down to an art form. ?Jupiter in Leo can highlight your habits that do not work for you. ?Instead of waiting for clues from the universe or that license plate or 11:11, get down to business. ?Create the reality you want to from the focus, heart centeredness and plucky energy you have in abundance. ?Manage your time, physical body and money with more awareness.

Cancer, as Leo is your next door neighbor, you have the stuff that makes them tick, and tick loudly and proudly. ?When you feel good about yourself, you can manifest whatever physical goodies your heart desires. ?It is time to determine what makes you feel prosperous and make a plan. ?You and Scorpio are ready to make a mark in your chosen career, calling or personal life. ?Pisces, you sense that there?s more self-improvement needed before you swim ashore, and you?d be correct. ?Let the Venus Star shift from Capricorn (earth and boundary making) to Scorpio (water and boundary making). This shift occurs on October 25, 2014 (my birthday). ?You thrive when Scorpio?s calling the shots, because you speak the same language of sensitive soul. ?There?s an understanding between the three of you (Cancer too). ?The Capricorn Venus Star may be too harsh and pragmatic for you. ?Jupiter wants to increase our trust in the bounty of the universe. ?The water signs are no different in wanting to access Jove?s possibilities and potentials for more. ?Your passions matter. ?Your soulful intensity manifest the world you want to live in.

Cancer to Leo: ?Jupiter?s Larger Notes

Use the light, warmth and unique focus of the concentrated fire found in Leo to illuminate what your heart wants to show to others. ?Leave entitled and xenophobic behavior behind. ?What?s happening to foreign (Jupiter) children (Leo) on our nation?s southern border is an excellent example of privilege gone amok, when it has become dissociated from our nation?s past (Cancer). ?When Leo does not fully assimilate the lesson of familiar closeness and mutual respect learned in Cancer, you get angry mobs (think KKK). ?Cancer in its negative creates a clannish mentality built on paranoia and fear. ?The Leo acts on these negative feelings. ?That’s how water and fire destroy each other. ?What feelings (water) are initiated in Cancer are given an outer stage in Leo (fire). The same can be said for the battles all over the world at this time. ?We see and act from our differences, attempt to power over (shadow Leo), and we do not understand our history or we use it to gain power (shadow Cancer).

How do you treat the stranger, other, foreigner? ?What thoughts do you have when out of your comfort zone of sameness?

In our personal lives, please take responsibility for our shared past (Cancer), while using grace to move into a joyous present (Leo).

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