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Jupiter in Pisces till 7.28.21---Paying Sustainable Abundance Forward and Grace

Jupiter is going to spend 2.5 months in Pisces (May 13-July 28, 2021). Last year at a Queer Astrologers Conference I was speaking about how ol’ Jove pays his karma forward like Oprah saying, ‘You get a car! And you get a car!” One of the participants wrote in the notes ‘Juprah’. Been describing this jolly giant in this manner to every new client ever since. Like ‘I see dumb people’ for the Aquarians, ‘Juprah’ often solicits laughter. The use of privilege to aid others without any attachment to outcome places in the Juprah zone. Whenever you analyze your karmic (intense) attachments, recognize the lessons to be learned, you can choose to enter the realm of ‘paying it forward’. As Pisces is multidimensional (think Tenet and Inception), offering what you have without any strings creates this ‘pay it forward’ karma. My former cost accounting self calls this ‘karmic assets. When you acknowledge the evolution involved, you build karmic assets. Jupiter symbolizes these intangible, but deeply felt, assets. That’s how you build protection for your future---giving freely without creating any obligations. Jupiter & Creatives

To pay it forward and create sustainable abundance where you can have grace later requires:

  1. Selfless acts that benefit others (supermarket lines paying for another behind you or someone you do not know, that is, you don’t wait around for a thanks).

  2. Creatives (poets, scientists, artists and others who are usually so focused upon the overall benefits for their work, not the acclaim or applause).

  3. Those ‘Saturn’ oppressed races, genders or sexual minorities who endure the majority’s derision and microaggressions without complaint. However, these individuals are clear about standards of justice for all.

  4. When you can speak to the acts of injustice while maintaining a critical voice regarding seeing everyone as on their own personal growth arc. It is as if there are stories of growth that we must be vigilant to acknowledge. To freeze frame anyone in their past depreciates any Jupiter karmic assets to accrue (pun intended).

  5. Living in oppressed situations with little to no complaint, even when you’re justified.

  6. For those who are esoterically inclined, you may have chosen the ‘path of the initiate’. On your path, you have devoted yourself to ‘God’ (really as an aspect of your soul talking to you).

  7. You live from an unwavering faith in the basic goodness in life. It is not a naivete to accept that there are certain experiences in your life that defy rational explanation.

  8. You monitor your negative thought forms, wishes and vibrations to transmute them into mutually beneficial outcomes.

‘Art as pain’ is a misdirection that our egos provide. This statement is a kissing cousin of ‘life is suffering’ or ‘life is bitch and then you die’. Expressions of true soul and spirit do not have to come from pain and suffering. Reuniting humanity with their reality (art) through provocation and distraction can also be sourced through joy and love. Juprah provides those safe spaces in which to explore one’s loftier aspirations without judgement or self-depreciation and doubt.

We can be heroes/for just one day, thanks Janelle Monae (Sag Sun, Jupiter ruled)

Remember that grace is bestowed. It emanates from a quality of wanting to pass along your good fortune and gratitude for this present moment. ‘Everyday you wake up it is your spirit that desires another day of evolution’. (Religious types often say ‘it’s God’ awakening you.) Jupiter in Pisces sews compassionate, co-existence and at the very least---acceptance in our hearts. Those utopian worlds, imaginary friends and whispers of ancestors on your shoulders that were SO real as a child still exist. Let down your cynical walls that every ego wants to build upon what is ‘adult’, ‘real’ or ‘childish’. Faith is potent. Acts based upon these soulful virtues increases their strength. The kinder you are, the more intuitive/psychic you become. You may even begin to feel that somebody’s watching you (and not the NSA). Your vibrations flow. Others sense your transformation and offer you aid whenever you truly need it. You swim in holy waters as you move through your daily lives. Your ability to see through your soul’s eyes increases with practice. Appreciate the so-called ‘coincidences’. Be grateful for your mind’s eye offering you the possibilities of what could happen---not what you don’t want to happen. Jupiter expands your world and everyone who’s rooted to you.

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