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Jupiter & Saturn Back Together (Again) in Aquarius

Whatcha you gonna do for me? That’s an American Consciousness along with ‘no taxation without representation’ & ‘separate, but equal’. Can I add a ‘shithole country or two?’ 

These two giants cycle together every 20 years. New economic cycle alert. Last time in 2001 it was in ‘I have’, ‘My stuff’ Taurus. Time to share, ‘I know’s Aquarius says.

Soulful Aquarius resists going along to get along, particularly with fact free discussions. Believing what you will Pisces is giving way to knowing what works Aquarius. Like Lizzo unapologetically leaving the building, the Pisces Age is fizzling out. You can feel the desperation in those souls who want to keep any and all delusions going. Stirring up your fears instead of coming together for everyone’s benefit the story begins with austerity. Our almost defunct Pisces Age loves to use our separation anxiety (ego from soul). Our souls knows how we are all connected, however insecure egos wants to compare and be better than other, hence rampant consumerism and malignant capitalism.

With Jupiter and Saturn coming together as a ‘Double Planet’ and ‘Star of Bethlehem’ at the Winter Solstice, let me clear…how many symbols do you need to get it? The old stories do not work anymore. It has taken almost two thousand years to bring the lessons, like prodigal folx, home.

From a lot of the research I’ve done, this economic cycle of Saturn/Jupiter means we have to determine policies that the village is raising the child, our children. Yep, the cliche becomes the reality (period). It’s not identity politics. It is the knowledge that we ALL do better when we drop our historical guards to come together, right now. Beatles to Earth Wind & Fire ‘Be Ever Wonderful’, it centers upon sharing. Those who have more gotta let some of it go. In a most ideal world, we Americans would use these Aquarian energies to see and recognize our diverse identities while wanting everyone to have realistic shot at creating a healthy and loving life.

It’s been two thousand years and we are still not learning how to end our American hyperindividualism for us to love ‘our neighbors as ourselves’. Maybe we need three wise men to bring us higher and virtuous gifts. Aquarian Age desires to turn knowledge into wisdom.

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