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Know Your Venus Star--Know Your Passions

Sun (consciousness aka 'woke quotient'), Venus (joy/harmony/love) and Earth (testing ground for evolution), these three line up every nine months aka Venus Star Point. They do this loving dance and make a pentagram in our friendly, not friendly skies every 8 years.

Add in Pluto and you've got a 250 year cycle of evolution, personal, interpersonal & transpersonal. The next Venus Star begins on Thursday, March 25.

Healing our wounds from warrior sign of Aries. Reflecting upon instincts and impulses. Venus is invisible and Evening Star (lover, other-directed). Invisible (so close to the Sun) Venus has us feeling isolated and out of any and all comfort zones. Surrender to the Divine Feminine is what Adam Gainsberg in his excellent text The Light of Venus asks. He also calls this Invisible Venus Transmigrational Underworld, as this God-Dess of Love is on the other side of the Sun.

Message me your birthday (with year) and we'll talk Venus Star (Morning/yang or Evening/yin) and your evolution plus passions equal a much more awaring time of this blue green jewel.

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