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Last Day of 'U Get A Car' Jupiter/Juprah in Aries---

In my amber necklace cuz it feels like sunshine around my neck. Yep, it’s a Taurus stone. Gets physical Taurus he, she and they out of their physical body---which depending upon the amount of focused magnetism---can be undeveloped. Classic bimbo or himbo in the making. You know the 'please don't speak' energy.

Thick they be Taurus. And, with big ol Jupiter loving all the pleasure they can suck up--like Toys R Us They Be Thick. Yep, girth of all voluptuous sizes (redundant, must be my Klingon blood).

While I like to call Jupiter-Juprah cuz he be giving cars and computers, but mostly education based upon experience. Gratitude rules. Joy emanates from your open heart. Jupiter's innocence sources itself in the experience of learning from all wounds. It is not a naivety. It is a life wizened by pain. Charity, compassion and, yes love begin at home, that is, within your soul.

11 Observances of Jupiter/Juprah in Taurus (May 16, 2023 - May 25 , 2024)

  1. Take Leaps of Faith

  2. Allow your Invisible Entourage (IE) access to your instincts, intuition and vision. The IE is a combo of your ancestors, imaginary playmates, sirens, angels and guides. It’s yours to acknowledge, recognize and claim.

  3. Return to the last Day of the Dead/Halloween you can remember.

  4. Acknowledge that this is the season for your IE to flourish (although the IE is active every twilight).

  5. Pause and land to reflect upon what you’ve experienced.

  6. Meet & greet all who are willing as you go to your daily ‘let’s have an adventure mode), that is if you’re extroverted. If introverted, social media yourself to the death. However realize that all of this may be a thirsty ego seeking attention.

  7. Have an intensely honest conversation about how you’ve been reckless with your resources aka 'if you can't give freely, then don't give'...

  8. Forgive yourself and others because holding grudges keeps the Invisible Entourage from offering their help easily (not getting parking spaces easily or being left on ‘read’ are small signs of an energetic disconnect from the Cosmic Whole.

  9. Expect/not expect (like sorry/not sorry) path to smooth out.

  10. Limit your time in egocentric parallel realities without touching base with others.

  11. Resist The Temptation (RTT) to attach to quickly/intensely to someone out of boredom.

Wanton disregard for others feelings, physical space or simply being loud for no reason, is reckless. Jupiter in Taurus is not reckless unless their lawyers have had to sign some disclaimer or they’ve known you since daycare. (Realize daycare is where age spans are agreed upon, similar to ‘day drinking’ lol”)

Taurus seeks comfort. Jupiter seeks expansion. Prepare for what could go wrong, but allow accidents and oopsies to happen. This is where your IE can really keep you in the pink aka your life flowing freely.

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It’s my birthday Wednesday. I’ve been feeling very full of myself the last few days and suddenly I’m a little paranoid. Thank you helping me focus back to being grateful and find the humble kind spirit that works best in the now. Quan your love is felt.

Me gusta
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