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Last Quarter aka Waning Crescent Moon Now 8.8.23 to New Moon Wednesday 8.16.23

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Photo courtesy of NASA

I presume some of us will disagree with the following blog---my intention can be summed up with this tune ---Someday We'll All Be Free

Waning Moons traditionally are times of letting go. The witches I know allow these dark Moons to conjure up all types of spooky things. Surely, I jest. Your name ain't Shirley. And, if you cannot joke during the dark of the Moon, you're lost already. There ain't nothing spooky about looking your fears dead in the eye. When you look squarely into your shadows, bring the light (and the jokes). Why else does the phrase 'it's darkest before the dawn' hold such allure? There's a wild part of us that longs to run free in the darkness.

Halloween is a holiday associated with these lunar dark days. What I enjoy about this time is how the Moon rises before the Sun rises (before dawn). This upcoming New Moon has Venus at her darkest point in her 584 day cycle. This Sunday 8.13 She aligns with Sun & Earth. It is called 'Venus Star Point'. It's been over 140 years since we've seen a Libra Venus Star (passion for fairness, equality and justice). We had a new one on October 22, 2022. As She hands off to a Warrior Morning Star in Leo, we can trust in our 'reflected upon hearts'.

Reflected upon hearts means we integrate our instincts for self-preservation and self-interest with a universal inclusiveness and love. Yep. We go natural be it with our or hair or manner--we channel grace and goodwill--all the time. Imagine if in the last Libra Venus Star in the mid 19th century that our American leaders saw fit to continue Reconstruction longer than the paltry 11 years? Or if the American people rose up to stand up for the original ideals our country was founded upon? What type of inclusive country would we have had?

This time our battle is within. Let's let go of our attachment to superior/inferior thinking about folx who appear and act differently than we do.

Do we follow our inner truth straight from our hearts? Are we willing to stand in our truth as a 'group of one'? Are you a warrior for love? Or do you allow what you see to be the end your analysis? Do you save face or give love? Ego? Or open free spirit? America is in a psychic 'reconstruction'--do we need another 'hot' war? Or will we continue to have a 'cold' war of ideologies--where we still attach to race & gender--yet overlook class--or worse--we engage in 'Oppression Olympics'? 'Oppression Olympics' happens whenever we compare and extol the 'virtues of endurance' regarding our 'disenfranchisements'. There's no heart and soul in these behaviors--only a fearful ego looking for love in all the wrong places.

These behaviors need to let go of! Transformed from the inside out!

This Last Quarter Moon between a Leo Sun and Taurus Moon brings into stark focus our imagination that we are splintered and separate beings. It is an illusion. Our separateness is a false and red flag that our egos wave incessantly. This is how we can even consider any temperature of war--we have to see, live and accept ourselves as individual.

Our young ass country is still experiencing our first Pluto return (happens every 245-250 years--we are 247 years old). Pluto offers an ultimatum--'Regenerate your ego or die'. Selfish is, as selfish does. 22 years ago our President (George W. Bush) told us to 'go shopping' and 'they hate us for our lifestyle.' As if over a billion people who believe differently hate us for something so superficial as a 'lifestyle'. That's akin to current Florida Governor DeSantis saying that slavery taught my ancestors certain skills, so it was a boon for us coons---or something ridiculous like that. Although as most half-truths are wont to do, there is some truth in them. Newly freed slaves did have a skill set (and unfied community of awareness) that a number of them capitalized upon when allowed to without systemic and personal interference---again what if Reconstruction has lasted longer?

Sometimes I feel Pluto's still pissed from being demoted as a planet in 2006 by the International Astronomers Union--but He has epic wrath. This wrath also comes from our not focusing on Ceres (Earth Mother a proxy for Gaia) PROMOTION to dwarf planet from asteroid!!! Venus mediates such epic mishaps, for sure!

We need the download of Joyous & Equilibrium Goddess Venus--coming down into our crown chakras--settling into our unwounded parts of our hearts!

What if it's Venus giving us the 'Kiss of Life'?

And, the kiss of life from Libra (October 22, 2022*) to Leo (August 13, 2023*) is beyond magical---it's transformative and resurrecting of our hearts and souls!

*Venus Star Point dates of the Sun/Earth/Venus alignments which brings our personal passions and talents into stark focus and manifestation. Libra centers upon equilibrium and Leo augments all heartfelt communication and connections!

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