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Leo Karmic Two’s July 29, August 2, 11 & 20

My gr8 grandmother born on Aug 2. G, this one’s for you!

Leo Karma Twos (July 29, August 2, 11, 20): As a Leo Two, your sun sign demonstrates what you can do as a self-directed individual but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot require you integrate a softer energy to it. Unlike the Leo One, it cannot and will not ever be all about you. The Two reflects on how they affect others, and therefore slows down the inherent potential of selfishness normally found in the Leo personality. You will court unhappiness if you are consistently inconsiderate. However, out of all the Leo personalities with the exception of the Leo Karmic Sixes, you have the greatest chance of not only finding true and lasting love, but the ability to nurture love in order to keep it. 

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become The:

High Priestess extolling and living out your virtues in all of your dealings. You balance the passion of your concentrated fire and spirit with a concern for how you move through the world as if you at all moments knew or are keenly aware of your psychic ‘carbon’ footprint. If anything, you may err on the side of overly suppressing your independent nature, and be overly cautious, too dependent on what others may think.

Hierophant when dealing with soul issues. Soul issues are those musings regarding how we are all connected. Who are you people? What are your yearnings? How do you access your font of knowledge, and when you apply it, becomes wisdom? Usually, the Hierophant voice is steeped in traditions like a Celestial Seasonings teabag for far too long. Examine your family’s imprinting, illuminate how much your life is different than theirs, and act accordingly. Quietly speak your inner desires.

Temperance Angel, moving between dominance and submission with the ease of a master. You know when to serve and when to assert, only accepting peers and mates who are as emotionally androgynous as you are. If male, your women may appear too forceful, but you like that. If female, your men too docile. If homosexual, you have had to make your own way through possibly breaking stereotypes in that subculture. You nurse a secret rebellion to acquiescing to society’s mores.

Justice agent in your profession, job or vocation. Even if you have a subordinate position or lack the trappings that conventional status dictates, you emanate a self-assured energy when you are away from your home. Leos play a role, and the Two energy knows how to wear a mask. The impersonal another’s expectation, the more power you project. Can you say ‘Grown Up Make Believe?’ Even if you don’t say it, you live it.

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