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Lesser known song by my favorite woman group Sister Sledge was a song entitled ?Let?s Go on Vacation??our love could use a renovation.? Profound nature of these lyrics that Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic wrote speak to an essential intersection of love and vacation.? Saving for and taking a conscious ?time out? augments any relationship, but especially, a long term one.? I have felt in my long term relationships that when we?ve have gone on vacation aka breaking with our everyday routines (sacrosanct to the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) that our relationship has improved.? Sometimes an emotional vacation with another does it for the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.? Or the falling into a one night stand or ?it just happened? is often an excuse for the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, a vacation from the realities of maintaining a relationship.? Realize this blog is not an indictment about our very human need to have diversions, it is an affirmation of how we can accept our need and desire to escape from duty, obligation and hell, the rent or mortgage.

Love in need of renovation tends to seek innovative outlets.? Astro (star) logos (word) whispers into our hearts specifically tailored to these needs, alarmingly human needs.? Once we all return to our caregiver, Gaia and learn how to differentiate ourselves into the four elements of fire, earth, air and water, we grow and heal. Growing and healing leads to our ability to whisper and more importantly, hear whispers.? Softness and receptivity are the compost to our real intuition.? Our hearts thrive in the whisperings from the planets, the music of the spheres that elongate our inner knowing as well as temper our outward actions to be inclusive and loving.? Vacations, even and especially our workaholic American natures, remind us that our connections matter more than material wealth and status.

Vacations, or to vacate, from our habitual routines are a mundane reminder of when and sometimes, for how long, we need to go ?off path?.? Paradoxically, through taking time off, we can recommit to our real personal mission that ultimately involve love and service.

As Taurean, Stevie Wonder, wrote and sang, Love?s in need of love today?and so are guilt free vacations.? Have you compared how much Americans work relative to the rest of the industrialized nations?

Retreat alert (Pisces, Scorpio, and Sag)!? Local farmer food alert (Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo)!? Team building alert (Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo)! Staycation alert! (Taurus, Cancer, or any sign concerned about their budget and/or how Americans now appear on the world?s stage, huh?)? Must expand your mind alert (Gemini, Libra and Scorpio)! Xenophobia alert (easier to list potential exceptions in Sag, Aquarius, Aries and Pisces)!? Entrepreneurs alert (Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer)!

Renovation and innovation comply with and produce integration.?

Back to Basics (Let?s Get it Started In Here)

Hot fun in the summertime, often renovates a receptive heart or two?the fire element gets us started, motivated and energized.? (If you happen to be a bit more knowledgeable and are aware of your Moon sign, read that paragraph as well.)? These natives born under the banner of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius want excitement on their vacations.? To get them to keep to a schedule might be as easy as heading cats (although Leo the Lion might join a tour group if it is luxurious enough and not overly crowded).? Concerts, sporting events and games of all sorts while on vacation matter to these burning with zeal fire signs.? Buy them a ticket to their favorite musical act in a city they?ve never been too?they will tell that story their entire lives.

Aries desires personal connection, so a vacation needs to be something at least one of you have not been to before and you can get around quickly.? Renting cars in urban area, having a good GPS connection or concierge are usually a must.? Then these plucky people are off to dive in.? Speaking of diving, risk must be involved.? They may find themselves in the more ?dangerous for tourist? areas.? Hell, they may even (along with Sagittarius and Aquarius) take a vacation where they can use their skills to help those in need.? Volunteering, pioneering and having a soft spot for the underdog (and living in poverty certainly measures up) can be a driving force for these fiery people.

Leo, however, wants to go first class.? If their budget doesn?t allow for that, then the appearance of luxury is a must.? While Sagittarius will want to learn the language, hike, boat, dance, drink and get back to nature, Leo does want to do some of these activities, but in style and with class.? Class, a word that we don?t use in the good Ol? USA, unless you?ve just come from a Bernie Sanders rally or presentation, know this:? Leo has lots of it.? The best hotels, dining, clubs and where the celebrities of the country live, these are Leo musts.? Being ruled by the Sun, they will want to go place where the SPF 50 is on, so they can soak up as much of el Sol as possible.

Sagittarius is probably the easiest sign to go on a vacation with (Aquarius is a close second).? They are made for adventure.? A vacation breaks up our routines and Sag folk are all over that.? They will talk to anyone.? I tend to suggest to my Sag and Cancer clients that they take a vacation to the land of their ancestors.? Cancer because of their draw to the past and the traditions these experiences will carry.? Sagittarius for the jumping off pad for their future, you know the adage, ?those who don?t know their past, are destined to repeat it?.? Sag people do not desire to repeat any past experiences (particularly if they were wounded by it).? Big sky country, nature and historical jaunts will keep the Centaur wise and fulfilled.

How Much Will This Cost?

The Earth signs can be the most conflicted about vacations.? Taurus, not as much as the workaholic Virgo and hyper responsible Capricorn, will want to do the ?staycation?.? This sign of the bull prefers to save money whenever they can.? Although if it is in their personal value system to see the world, then they will bring their lunch to work in order to save for a first class stay (they are similar to Leo in this regard, creative comforts are a must).? Typically, keeping it simple with good food and being out in nature will soothe their souls.

Virgo will balk at doctor?s orders to take a vacation.? Hopefully, these service oriented and exacting souls will leave their work in the hotel room as they take the well organized and detailed tour of the visiting city.? I wouldn?t dream of telling them not to bring some of their work with them, it?s their security blanket ala Linus of Peanut fame.? Yet, there are some Virgins who have a bit of the Magdalene in their quirky souls, so they make go to the areas of the city that are forbidden.? For example, leaving the tour or when in Amsterdam, do what or whom is legal.? Nature calls and soothes them too, as does historical tours of former battles and wars.? However, they must be able to clean off the day, so staying close to these facilities are a must.

Capricorn has a workaholic vibe like the Virgo, however, being a transpersonal sign that sees the larger picture, they know part of building a reputation and image is through showing off where you?ve traveled.? In short, they will document where they?ve been.? Social media has been a boon for these executive types (who probably will make sure no picture has them holding a drink).? I say every Cap needs to take a mountain or rock climbing trip.? You see, one of their totem animals is the mountain goat.? Every once in a while, these controlling souls need to physically see what it is that they?cannot?control.? Big sky, big ocean, big cathedrals, big historical enactments can do the trick.

I Heard You, Let?s Negotiate

Now, let?s air it out with situationally talkative Gemini, aesthetically pleasing and searching Libra and eccentric Aquarius.? Gemini can observe those of a different culture and language, and generally pick up the customs and language easily.? Although like Taurus, they can do their own brand of ?staycation?.? They will take a couple of small ?day trips?.? I usually suggest to members in the sign of the Twins, to rent a car or at the very least, plan smaller trips within your longer stay.? Cruises are a no-no unless there are enough activities that interest you on the cruiser and/or it docks in different ports.? Variety is your spice of life.? Like their opposite sign of Sag, wherever there is learning, visit?colleges, universities, churches, libraries, and even museums.

Culture, art and beauty that brings in a historical context can be found at museums.? Whenever a Libran client tells me they do not like museums, I know there is some other conflicting sign like Aries or possibly Taurus and Scorpio involved.? Then, I will begin to speak about ?poverty consciousness? or speak to class.? Whenever a Libran young person feels that they were ?born on the other side of the tracks?, they might not allow themselves to enjoy the beautiful things in life, hence ?poverty consciousness?.? Balance is key, so a vacation that equalizes tours, movement with rest.? And, while an Aries or Sag can go it alone, rarely do I suggest a single traveling trip for the sign that is majoring in creating peer relationships.? A cosmopolitan city nestled in the mountains near the sea works wonders on the sign that wants to experience it all, preferably with another and then have so many choices that it puts them into sleepy indecision.

Aquarius is the forward thinking sign who probably came up with the idea to use their vacation in a direct form of service to the less fortunate.? Yet, these folk like to group, so tours are indicated.? Then, paradoxically, these free spirits want to discover the city, town or ruins all by themselves.? Maddening how rebellious they can act to the little conforming of human connections.? Space travel, anyone?? Parasailing?? Sky diving?? Like Aries, adrenals must be activated to quell their constantly active minds.

Aquarians created (and live by) the phrase ?when in Rome, do as the Romans do?.? Stumble into an orgy, undress now.? Found an opium den, where do I lay my head?? Remember these sharp minded souls have a love of science, history and sociology.? Resist the temptation to believe that their nudist like ways only focus on the physical body.? These are the traveling partners (and friends) you want when they remind you of how important the Anne Frank Museum is after bicycling and legally partaking of herb in Amsterdam.? Historical references and a possible future of America?s balanced perspective of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol are included.? Let?s remember Van Gogh and their propensity for high culture and art (pun intended may or may be intended).? They?ll also have the knowledge of how each country treats LGBTQ people, these freedom fighters be extremely sensitive to any and all subcultures.? In my heart, mind and soul-gut, I know when the other planetary citizens decide to make their travel known to us on Earth, they will speak to Aquarians first and Scorpios second (because you know, travel to an entire planet is entirely possible, ha!)

Where Do We Belong? We Are Family, no?

The flowing water sign of Cancer wants to vacate with their family to visit their families (certainly if they can save a buck and the family is at least tolerable).? Oceans, theme parks, dining out, lakes, river boats, you?re getting the water focus.? Comfort is important (there?s Linus?s security blanket), therefore give them time to acclimate to a new and unusual environment.? No criticizing eating hamburgers in Paris, they?ll get to the Duck l?orange in their own due time.? Allow them time to shop, meander without any agendas.? Cancer needs to feel their way through environments, a movie or something familiar will often lessen their initial anxieties when in foreign lands.? Food helps immensely.? If they feel they are not getting enough attention, they will snap and potentially ruin the vacation for everyone.? Keep them happy and all goes smoothly.

Scorpio, as a desert creature, like extremes (usually).? One of my favorite vacations was in the Yucatan Peninsula.? Mayan ruins, Gulf of Mexico and short day trips are a thing of enjoyment.? A bit of historical and spiritual context, some Day of the Dead and let?s dance the night away.? Sleeping only when necessary. A car gives a Scorpion a sense of control, even when it is not needed.? Having deep conversations with those travelers you meet along the way are also on the traveling curriculum.? It is important for each person to set an intention for their vacation.? However, Scorpio needs to set their intention before any reservations are made.? Alone? Together? Hotel? Motel? Tent? Luxurious? Economy? Spiritual? Material?? Once the emotional intentions are made clear, expect passion and fun!? Heat and water!

Pisces has the power of surrender like no other sign.? These adaptable souls can blend in and mimic the movements of the natives.? Shopping, eating and living well can be fine just as ?roughing? it.? For Pisces, it is all about the context of the vacation.? If it is a retreat, then let?s live like we were monks in the 13th century.? If it is for enjoyment, then let?s live like we are nobles of the 13th century.? Similar to Libra, museums, galleries and other points of culture are a must.? Tour groups are decided spontaneously.? If these super sensitive beings feel their fellow tourists are crass, disrespectful and dismissive of local culture, they will swim off alone (and that may include their traveling companions too!?)? Places of worship, nature, water and communal areas of importance matter, as do most water sports. I know of one Pisces woman who whenever she had guests, she took them to watch the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean, no matter how early.? (The same was true of a Cancer female on the west coast with the sun setting?I am more of a west coast person.)

This has been an overview of vacation by astrological sign.? Your Moon sign tells an astrologer what you need in a vacation.? The Sun sign (which I primarily wrote too) demonstrates how your conscious self is likely to respond.? Your rising sign can show how you will appear to others while you travel and what your initial projection of energy will be.? For more information, you may email me through my website at


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