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The days are shortening and the fall colors pop here on Long Island. ?This is my first experience out of The City and onto Long Island. ?Sonia has been an incomparable host, anticipatory, but not invasive, loving and watchful, but not controlling or demanding. ?She is a real embodiment of what this workshop centers upon.

Through meditating on your ‘anahata’ (Sanskrit for the ‘unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten heart), you can cut through those wounds be they yours or from the myriad of ways we human being have done incredible injustices in the name of ‘us’ versus ‘them’.

Getting straight to your heart can mean doing some heavy emotional and spiritual lifting. ?It can take what seems to be an entirely to remove the negative imprinting from your past. ?Knowing your Venus Star is like obtaining a flashlight app for your smart phone to find the car keys where before you fumbled in the dark. ?In this instance light is love, an accepting self-love. ??It is extremely easy to say that you must love yourself before you can love someone else. ?But, what do you love about yourself? ?Have you taken the time from the selfies, mutual admiration societies, group masturbation or tribal thinking to look within?

The Venus Star Point requires an opening of our hearts. The Venus Star Point asks to return to the anahata area of your heart. ?The fundamental understanding of your Venus Star Point can point (pun intended) out areas of your life that you depend upon others for your joy and happiness. ?It is as if you are living out your own Country and Western tune, where not only did your baby up and leave you, but your dog ran away too. ?Refusing to see these as connected events is probably why they both left.

Questions to help you get straight to your heart

How do you recognize where your heart has been wounded? ?How do you repair your heart without projecting unto others your own pain? ?How can you actively listen without becoming defensive or judgmental? ?How can you stay present while doing the inner work of locating that ‘unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten’ part of your heart? ?How do you live with being ‘othered’ and still overcome the inevitable scapegoating? ?How do you understand the power of words without getting bogged down in explaining to those who are so far removed from their anahata that is like the biblical warning to not cast pearls before swine? ?How do you find the compassion to continue authentic communication? ?How do you unfreeze the wounds from others’ superficial understanding of where you’re coming from?

The Venus Star Point is a baby step on the path to answering these questions; this alignment of your spirit/heart/earth also can light your way to taking huge leaps in ascertaining what you have to offer humanity. ?When your natal Venus operates without working from an awareness of anahata, the hurt and internal violence you commit on your soul is palpable to those who practice radical self-analysis not from only their unceasing mental chatter, but from their open and compassionate hearts.

As the Venus Star Point shifts from Morning and Capricorn to Evening and Scorpio, those who look to institutions, status, rank, reputation and the so-called physical reality will be disappointed. ?It’s a Sunday, so here’s another biblical thought to ponder, “broad and spacious is the road leading to destruction, narrow and cramped the road leading to salvation”. ?The narrow way is within, and that takes time. ?From October 25, 2014 through August 15, 2015, Scorpio will have regenerate your ego for authentic bonds or you will get caught in repeating time loop of isolation, regret and sorrow. However, the greatest gifts over these next nine months will be found through having and working from a courageous place where your warrior knows that the battle is within your own hurt, struck and beaten heart. ?Ask the Goddess of Love to light your way.


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