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Look Back--Let Your Future Begin Today (Saturn & Uranus)

Huh? Gravity driven Saturn is holding down the fort in free spirited Aquarius while nonconforming Uranus uprooted & challenges what you hold dear. Your spirit matters. Nothing like a well-timed rebellion against questionable authority, institutions & ppl.

February 17 these two time lords (Saturn & Uranus) came together. This second time asks us to reevaluate decisions made four months ago. Today, Venus (values, joy & harmony) is visible at sunset which means her loveliness wants to seen and appreciated. Uranus in Taurus shatters all false attachments---be they to love (particularly the smothering codependent kind), status (you are not your job) or money (egocentric control that comes from it). Your security has to be found from within.

With the Moon & Mars in Leo, playtime is strongly encouraged. If a major decision has to be made, look within to your heart--particularly the 'anahatta' part--the unwounded/unstruck section. What would you if innocence was guiding you? It is dancing like no one's watching---sharing yourself like you've not ever been hurt.

Uranus asks 'what's the worse thing that can happen if you let go of previously held assumptions?' Who gets affected by your decision? If it's mostly your personal risk, then 'why not?' Saturn asks you take responsibility to 'do the soulfully right thing'. Once you decide from your heart that is rooted in soul, life speeds up. You flow in universal currents of spirit. Your childlike wonder returns (Saturn creates the safe boundaries--like remembering those times on a playground.)

Uranus eats Saturn may create those shoulds usually based upon 'what would others think if...Uranus eats Saturn's guilt and shame for breakfast.

What used to be your playground?

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