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As the adage goes, ‘before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water’.

Retrograde planets give us the time to reflect upon enlightened and individualized use of their energies. ?Love (Venus) integrates with work (Saturn). ?Love at Work. ?Love made manifest. ?Enlightenment is most needed in dark and interesting times.

Venus will be retracing her steps aka retrograde motion in Pisces for most of this month.? Saturn will have turned retrograde on April 5.? The beauty goddess squares the beastly Saturn in Sagittarius.? Jupiter rules (controls) both of these signs.? Ol? Jove represents our holistic and often intuitive right brained thinking.? Letter of the law, Saturn in ?spirit of the law? Sagittarius.? What can we expect?

The 7th circuit has already given us a strong clue. Kim Hively, a math teacher (quite saturnine) and a lesbian, was fired for kissing her girlfriend. Lambda Legal sued Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Venus won!? Love won!

Beauty tamed the beast of laws and prejudices that foster discrimination, or at the very least, deny that they exist.? Please don?t get me started on the intent versus the impact of harm from discriminatory actions.? Unexamined thoughts and feelings around discrimination, like the love of money, is the root of this evil.? Recognize your own beast that needs to be starved.? We have the privilege and responsibility to look at one every day as the POTUS and his squad of plutocrats.

This is the first ruling that has protects LGBTQ individuals from job discrimination.? Deliberated under a Venus retrograde (going against prevailing social norms) and the ruling came down while she had moved back into Pisces (sign of unconditional/divine love).? True Christ consciousness (you know, where you ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ kind of good news and behavior) can flow through the sign of the fish.? Saturn retrograding in Sagittarius shines a stark stoplight on outmoded aspirations found in our collective philosophies which the law usually guards (for those in power and monied, ahem, the patriarchal ones.)

The controlling energy of these planetary forces is none other than Jupiter.? He is retrograde in Libra, the sign of the scales.? Until June 9th, that is, he?ll be reviewing the actual spirit of conformity and neutrality based on false equivalencies (two shadow sides of Libra).? Mark my words: more rulings like this are on their way in our current administration and planetary focus.? If not, then by November once Jupiter moves into underworldly and emotionally entrenched Scorpio, rebellions occur.? Rolling of heads beats out hackers, side-eyed smart asses and trolls every time.? Taking it to the streets?

Saturn represents the laws we agree to, where we choose to play the role of mature grown up with other grownups.? As a member of the Grown Ass Human Society (GAHS), I want to actively participate in transforming our society, city, country and planet as a whole.? Saturn has been methodically grounding our shared philosophies into reality since the end of 2014.? You think our reality show of a presidency is like watching an accident on I-70, wait until the taskmaster moves into his home sign on December 19.? Saturn will clean up, straighten out and put the adults back in charge.? Saturn strategizes.? Make sure everyone plays their allotted role.? He and Pluto remind you of your physical and emotional limitations, respectively.

The decisions that are being made this spring will reverberate for the next 18 months, the next Venus retrograde.? Bay of Pigs in the spring of 1961 (our losing to the newly formed Cuban communist government) lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis 18 months later in the fall of 1962.? Diplomacy and mature traversing of the political terrain must win out.? This requires good people of solid conscience to activate our twin powers of vision and inclusiveness.

Wherever Saturn is found in our charts, he demands integrity, personal responsibility and work.? Moving through the last degrees of Sagittarius while communicating with a retro Venus requires a sober eye on whom do you love, how protected do you feel and how can you personally make the world a better place.

Imagine your person(s) who acts as a sounding board for your ethics, higher self and/or conscience.? Hold them in your mind?s eye.? Now ask:? What would they do?? You have a pretty good idea of what April 2017 is all about.


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