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Chance the Rapper has just donated $1 million dollars to Chicago Public Schools.

He will turn 24 years old on April 16. Venus retrogrades in almost the same space every eight years. Souls who are born under a Venus retrograde tend to feel unique in their own vision, art and sense of material values. Born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, Chance exemplifies a retro Venus in action.

Born under a third quarter Moon in late community driven Aquarius or compassionate Pisces, Power Date is 16 and Birth path is 33, each of these represent a ‘confluence of factors’ that make others very important to him.

Power Date 16 reduces to the metaphysical and spiritual inclined ‘seven’. It is rumored that any child born under the number 7 would be placed under the tutelage of Egyptian priests to be taught how to best use their psychic sensitivities. Birth path of 33 represents the master number of ‘Christ Consciousness’, a true embodiment of divine love and acceptance. A retrograde Venus tends to internalize a personal’s values, a search for an integration, a unification of the material and spiritual world. For the Venus retro soul, these are indeed one world.

Sure, he is an Aries with his love planet Venus and Venus Star in Aries. I maintain that this triple threat of Aries energies represent someone whose personal passions run focused and concentrated on those who have gotten a ‘rough deal’ aka ‘the underdog’.

The triple crown, Sun, Venus and Venus Star (Personal Passion Point) all in Aries accentuate Chance’s Mars (personal action and self-assertion) in family oriented and ancestral/tribal Cancer. He thanked his fans for having the money in the first place to donate back to Chicago Public Schools.

No matter what your feelings are about rap or hip hop, raise your glass to Chance and to Venus. The Goddess of Love is at work, even at times when She seems to have abandoned us.

Let me know of your Venus retrograde stories. Are you Morning or Evening Star? It matters, as you do along with your connections to the rest of us.

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