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Love & Passion: Venus & Pluto

Updated: May 7, 2021

These two heavyweights (yes, the God/Dess of Love, Joy & Harmony has heft) aligned this morning in Taurus and Capricorn.

Pluto has been transforming every instuition since 2008 in legacy building Capricorn. Feeling internal earthquakes? Not knowing if or how you can trust any authority or conventional structures. What's denied outside must be sought for inside.

Venus brings the honey to sweeten your soul. She also accepts and integrates the different voices in your soul. She expands or contracts your frequencies that help you create or sever bonds. Enjoy these last couple of days grounding us from her home sign of Taurus. Mentally inventory your relationships since April 14. Are you more secure in them? If so, how? If not, which conversations are necessary to 'clear the air's? She'll be highlighting all forms of connections until June 2 in versatile Gemini. Meet with your evil twin, you know the one who gives you some of your best snark, the smart ass one. Accept them into your fold. Logic without feeling is dry as a day in the desert.

Descend into and reflect upon what you believe you lack. Realize you've been telling these tales for far too long. De-age ala 'Curious Life of Benjamin Buttons'--begin with your mind. Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Practice flirting (but reframe it and call it obtaining feedback from those whom you find attractive). No hating the game, simply play it ethically, ok? You have more resources than you think you do or are currently using...

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