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Writer?s Note aka Disclaimer: this blog posting will use the language/art that uses scientific measurements to analyze this 2016 political race in the US. Six months of campaigning, campaign finance reforms?etc. Read with an open mind

Mars, Mars, Mars aka Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (if you cannot or refuse to laugh, then you’ll be lost until June 29 and beyond…a shout out to those who’ve watched the latest season of House of Cards).

Now, imagine you are Jan Brady and Mars is Marcia. You are the middle sister that gets overlooked. The culturally ?more? attractive older sister is the superficial media that has still yet to analyze the three way race in 1992 (another Monkey year, in Chinese Astrology these occur every 12 years). Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and billionaire Ross Perot spread their messages. Is there any reason that this pattern will not repeat itself in this election year. Remember, Governor Clinton received 43 percent of the American vote.

Mars demands a healthy self-assertion that takes responsibility and foresees the consequences of your actions. Clinging to your self-esteem and interconnected keeps you truly humble and of service to all. However, with the instantaneous ability to communicate all thoughts, Mars go awry. Once every 26 months (just in time for the ?terrible twos?) the god of war and conflict enacts revenge. Pluto operates a higher octave of Mars. You can act without reflection in Mars’s world. However, Pluto demands reasons, assessments and above all, motive. This god of the underworld represents how you as an individual use and share power with others. How do recognize and respect other people’s values while holding personal integrity.

From April 17 to June 29, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Mars will be in retrograde in the expansive (and contracting, what goes up, must come down) sign of Sagittarius (when does an exaggeration become an outright lie?). Retrograde motion happens when a planet slows down in relationship to the movement of the Earth. Psychologically speaking, a retrograde planet requires introspection and individualization. Mars, already represents personal action, having agency in your life. When he retrogrades, you must know what or who is worth standing up for. Think of the number of women who fought for their right to vote (also occurred in a Monkey year, 1920), many of these women were born with Mars in retrograde. Their warrior energy (Mars) sought to balance what was clearly an injustice, a blatant inequality based solely on the biological sex.

The excessive fires of Sagittarius are created by friction (and with the Donald having been born with his past life symbol and current instinctive symbol (Moon) in Sagittarius, he knows how to create friction. It is as if he is the child with his hand in the cookie jar, denying that it is there. Shadow expression of Sagittarius is the hypocritical preacher, compulsive storyteller (or liar based on how insecure the person may be) and the argumentative lawyer or professor. Gotta be right like they got to breathe.

On the bright side, let us trust that marijuana will be reevaluated and removed from being a Schedule I drugs.

That?s the potential good news (hey, I am Michigan born, proud of my state for medicinal Merry Juana). Maybe we all need what we?d personally consider to be our own Snickers bar of dark milk chocolate (remember the Super Bowl 2015 candy bar campaign where Mexican actor Danny Trejo, Taurus Wood Monkey, became Marcia Brady after eating a Snickers bar?) Another good news point will be an awakening of the complicit middle. There will be an aspirational awakening or revolution. What type of country do you want to live in?

The bad news?

Marcia Mars and Explosive Pluto shift directions within 24 hours of each other on April 17 and 18. All eyes on New York. If there is going to be even more extreme conditions at hate filled Voldemort rallies, it will be around this date. If there is going to be even more unnecessary and desperate triangulating between Democratic lite and progressive wings, it will be within the 10 days of these planetary shifts.

The let me act out and move through the world with impunity (Mars) in the entitled Sagittarius connects to the collective power and wealth of Pluto (collective power) in controlled Capricorn (patriarchy, government, corporations). When these two energies slow down, edge to increase their release, expect violence.

Arizona, Chicago, Fayetteville, even pepper sprayed Kansas City will not top or topple what the energies of these two cast off entities as Mars and Pluto, that is, what could be sparked in New York will dwarf what has already occurred.

Suffice it to say, we will know how contested each convention will be in July, for both parties.

And, remember America is a young soul nation who challenged and separated from the British Empire in a Fire Monkey year. This is a Fire Monkey year?burn down what institutions are not serving their stated (no pun intended) mission. Which institutions are no longer sacred to you?

Stay tuned?

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