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Meaningful Work, Farsightedness & Preparing 4 the Future Sun 🌞 in Virgo ♍️

Loving what you do for a living is ideal. It's called your vocation. A collateral benefit of COVID has been folx awakening to the life not lived--quiet desperation and such...

Virgo (and those of us who were born --1957 to 1972-- with Soul Security Pluto in the sign) have a need to be useful. I inform all clients with strong Virgo affinities to remove the word 'retirement' from their minds and vocabulary.

Daily improve of your service. In a job just for security purposes? Then, begin some activity that you can lose track of time. Instead of comparing which let's face it leads to complaining and envious thoughts--search from your heart what brings you joy.

Contrary to popular belief, Virgos are NOT perfectionists. They constantly seek to serve the application of excellence--so they look for constructive feedback as they merrily improve themselves- others and their craft. Look at the young person working on the bench--mastery is nigh.

Allow this Virgo New Moon to have you consciously shift your values to align your day to day with your higher ideals--Our Raw Material week 7, 9 & 11.

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