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This past Venus retrograde I recorded this video (July 25-Sept 6).

Venus begins to cover new ground on October ninth. ?From now until then ponder on your relationship decisions from June 23 through July 25. ?You have a chance to review and reorganize yourself using the elements at your disposal.

There’s a video at the end of this blog.

If you don’t know your rising sign, use your Sun sign.

Show Up

Aries/Leo/Sag (fire): ?pride is often on the table which is also known as saving face. ?At present it is better to be humble and open than to think that no one understands or cares. ?New magic is afoot, but your heart must be set on the receive button in order to see this. ?Looking to the past will keep you stuck there. ?Overcompensating through taking on more responsibility (because you dislike waiting, is another.

Paying Attention

Taurus/Virgo/Cap owning everything is important to you. ?Owning means control which can mean have power over. ?Get out of these unequal and overly dependent relationships. ?How about some reciprocity? ?Well, like the fire signs who gets set on pride, the ego that counts the costs does the same thing. ?Pay attention to that small judgmental voice that blocks true connection. ?Your past represents the cautionary tale, it does not have to be a prologue to a barren future.

Telling the Truth

Gemini/Libra/Aquarius can have such active minds and ability to parse that truth is relative. ?For those of you who have not been enjoying a ‘meeting of the minds’ well, authenticity wins the day. ?Be reasonable without rationalizing poor behaviors. ?Be loyal to truth as long as it is not a deliberate callousness regarding how others feel. ?Just because others may not choose to use their reason does not mean that they have no reason.

Stay Detached From the Outcome

Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces can attach and manipulate situations and relationships to fit their brand of what is best for both parties. ?However, this Morning Venus Star in Leo demands present moment and heartfelt transparency regardless of past wounds. ?It is time to shine while simultaneously seeking your own level. ?Paradoxically, the more individual you are (knowing thyself), the more universal and profound your outcomes.

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