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Mercury Moving in Retrograde Motion in Capricorn--Must You 'Deal' With Life?

As the Sun rises this Monday morning of a Mercury moving in retrograde motion, grow up and within to examine the phrases ‘I must deal with life’ & ‘unconditional love’.

Analytical Mercury in Capricorn aligns with intuitive Jupiter in Taurus.

Our conditioned Capricorn selves ‘bites the bullet’ and ‘takes one for the team’. Jupiter in Taurus is also in retrograde motion inspiring us to see the love from the Cosmos as absolute and infinite. ‘Dealing with life’ is our wounded child speaking.

The Cosmos in its role as the Tao ☯️ offers multiple pathways to feeling its fullness and support (hint: usually through alleged ‘random occurrences’).

Suggestions? Grow Up--no one is ‘destined’ to repeat the wounds of family and ancestors. Grow Within--pause to set your mind on which stories need additional research.

It's called ‘inner work’ and ‘inner truth’ for you to get to know your soul and how your intuition works for you. Precisely why breathing is recommended in any inner work from yoga to invocative prayer.

From now till December 23 Mercury is sending all of us into our personal underworld where we have known from where our authority emanates. Does it ‘run in the family’? Religion? Money? Status? Where do your treasures lie?

Lie to others--but not to yourself.

Stand up for yourself about how you spend your time--leave Self-Judgements in the past.

Simply ingesting unexamined beliefs is harmful--Mercury & Jupiter are like Cosmic Traffic Cops reminding us to slow down! All you need to know is inside…

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