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Mercury Retrograde & Paying It Forward (PIF)

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This is a new feature on my website---looking at past writing (retrograde), updating (now) to Pay It Forward! Through capturing your mind slowing down to make room for your heart and soul (sometimes known as intuition/body sense). I'm going to roll out the info over the month of October, so check back as I get to your Sun Sign---how often are Librans first? As we evolve into the 21st century, the collective 'we' that Libra represents will come first. We are learning to feel and live our interconnectedness of ego and soul. Numerology, tarot and astrology offer our egos 'soul clues'.

Traditional wisdom is “don’t but, don’t sign” during a Mercury retrograde. Yes, it is important to consider where you may be creating unfinished business in your future. Huh? Retrogrades remind all of us that time is linear to our security driven and controlling egos. From our soul’s vantage point, all is evolution. Every retrograde has our souls written all over it. Huh? There is a pause from the viewpoint of the Earth, specifically, in our relationship to the Sun.

August 30 to November 6, 2021 Mercury will be in contemplative and reflective Libra. Yet, the sign of the scale bearer is an initiating air sign. They want to be startin’ somethin’! Yes, in partnership with another (or an ideal). They were influencers before Instagram was even a thought.

Because retrogrades represent a reevaluating, redoing, repurposing and all words with the ‘re-’ prefix attached, I have revisited a work I wrote over a decade ago. Power Date was the working title. Take your birth date (Numerology indicates this energy dominates from 28 to 58 years old). Add several tarot cards that relate to your Sun sign and your birth date. Voila! You have your energetic way of ‘Paying It Forward’. Originally, I called it your Karmic Date. Hey, I’ve evolved. No need for all that dramatic intensity. Karma. Fuck Karma. Let’s see what we have to give freely---imagine yourself as Oprah and you’re giving away cars. It’s simple really, if you want to be remembered, stay present. There’s impact in the now (period).

October 1, 10, 19/10/1 & September 28/10/1 are all Paying It Forward (PIF) Libra Ones.

October 2, 11, 20 & September 29 are PIF Libra Twos.

October 3, 12, 21 & September 30 are PIF Libra Threes.

October 4, 13, 22 & September 22 are PIF Libra Fours (9.22 check to see you’re a Virgo.)

October 5, 14, 23 (check for Scorpio Sun) & September 23 are PIF Libra Fives.

October 6, 15 & September 24 are Libra Sixes.

October 7, 16 & September 25 are Libra Sevens.

October 8, 17 & September 26 are Libra Eights.

October 9, 18 & September 27 are Libra Nines.

Paying It Forward (PIF) is a result of feeling prosperous. Giving freely from a delightful and detached motivation creates karmic assets for your future (and sometimes rainy days). The key is to detach from the outcome. No watching or looking for a response. Imagine that it is like being Secret Santa, Oprah and your grandparent who rarely (if ever) refused you. You’ve heard that ol’ saw that ‘it takes money to make money’. Money is simply energy. Giving your energy easily in each moment when and where you can creates a deeper and higher frequency within and around you. When you feel whole and full, you attract others. When you feel depleted and empty, you attract others. After all, nature hates a vacuum. Create whole and heartfelt spaces---Pay It Forward (PIF)!

Experiment, check your motivation (ego wants recognition, that sneaky devil) and observe your life lighten up! This is about observing how your world can work. Please practice this first before you imagine that this cannot be this easy. Here’s some magic specific for you.

From now until October 18 (when Mercury turns direct) create a new relationship between your ego (who’s probably dismissed the PIF concept because it is too simple) and your soul (the deeper part of yourself that has your lesson plan like a Cosmic Teacher in Earth School). It’s Libra Season---let’s play with idealistic concepts! In an ideal world everyone would Pay It Forward!

This is a work in progress so comments are welcome!

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