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MJ Rodriguez Strike A Pose!

As a queer rich chocolate male (a veces/at times Black, at other times don’t like the connotations of the word), I am through the roof about Ms. Rodriguez’s Emmy nomination!

Working with Our Raw Material (ORM) has given me a new lease on how I present astrological information to everyone---subscribers, clients and folx in general. Her nomination came in Ignorance Week. In case you hadn’t heard, ORM is a natural thought practice that begins with each equinox or solstice. 12 weeks and 12 unique meditative points of focus. Our thoughts have amazing power. We are power. I am power. Seeking the balance between soul and ego allows us to live in Wholeness (Week 12). You may be asking what does this have to do with a Puerto Rican trans female? Everything.

The Emmy nomination raises awareness of trans individuals. MJ’s role in Pose shined a bright light on the NY ball culture in the late eighties before there was a cocktail for those who had contracted HIV. Marginalized cultures often have to make their own way in dominant culture. Similar to light-skinned Blacks, trans females often have to (or choose to) pass as men in the daytime. The violence against women in this culture is beyond disproportionate than towards men. When color, ethnicity and transitioning from male to female, it becomes astronomically disproportionate. We hate the 'other'. Even more so as the 'other' takes agency or control of their lives. To become trans you go against the very heteronormative structure with its rules, rights, privileges and standards. After all, don't we all want to be at the top of the pecking order? Or so our egos would have us believe.

How do we listen to one another? I have over the past decade been called to mediate families who have trans folx within them. It is as simple and complex (aren’t most things from a soulful perspective full of paradox?) to get the hetero-family member to use the desired pronouns (she, he, they). It is not the person who has the answers or direction---it is one who is asking the questions. We all need to choose to search for answers of how to treat everyone, but especially those whose karma includes being seen as an outsider.

With Mars (acting from one’s individual and unapologetic spirit) in Virgo until September 14, the cosmos is asking us to come to a place of compassion and humility, not pity and self-loathing. Each person has a pose to strike within themselves. As we pause to feel and become harmonious (both yin/feminine traits), we can love all with dignity and equipoise (which includes pose). After all, when you pose, you pause---let’s freeze some joy, love and peace in a frame for everyone to enjoy and celebrate our differences!

Further instruction on our shared ego and soul balancing go to

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