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nitiating fire (spiritual), that?s Aries.? The proverbial fool rushing in where angels fear to tread.? This New Moon is especially potent because the two lights align with Uranus (free spirited wild person that exists within each of us) and Juno (commitment and marriage).? Expect the unexpected in the ongoing evolution for marriage equality.

In Kansas City, there?s a 30 degree Cancer rising on this New Moon (you do realize change your place change your perspective, but then paradoxically, wherever you go you take yourself and your baggage). A Cancer approach (rising) coupled with this fiery New Moon, home and hearth looks like it may need more attention than your spirit is willing to give.? How can you live spontaneously while honoring your cautious instincts?? Uranus in Aries has awakened our individual visions, but this journey of self-awareness has to begin with the first step no matter how small.? And, this Taoist step starts with authenticity and directness, key Aries traits.

Make a vision board.? This one act satisfies the emotionally analytical Cancer rising and this time of year strong need for a goal, those innovative visions.? Go through some old magazines cut out your favorite pictures. ?If single (or not fully fulfilled in your current pairing), gather images of couples who look like they enjoy each other.? Aries is connected to the face, so appearance is central.? Want a new living space, then center your search on that.? If online, then print out or make an electronic storyboard of your favorite images.? Just what are thumbnails good for anyway?

We are three weeks away from the fifth of the seven exact ninety degree angle between Uranus (freedom) and Pluto (transformation). ?The next one happens April 21 at the 15th degree of Aries & Capricorn. These right angles between these two slow moving planets began in 2012 and the last one will be March, 2015.? Our relationship with authority, institutions and the law is being changed.? In essence, any lapse between what organizations stand for and its actions will be transmuted, brought into the light to correct the imbalance.? Hypocrisy alerts abound!? Contemplate glass houses.? First look in the mirror before you cast any judgments, ok? Relentless be Pluto when your integrity is involved. When he/she (yes, there?s a feminine side to Pluto) moves through ?excellence and status seeking? Capricorn, the law of keeping war from breaking out is easily followed.? Simply look at the political theatre that happening between President Obama and Vladimir Putin.

Our spirits desire to become more liberated and connected to our higher purposes (Uranus in Aries), our institutions will have to transform (Pluto in Capricorn).? Even the introduction (this new cosmology was delineated over the past couple of years) of the Venus Star Point (VSP) brings our personal passions to our consciousness.? Until October 25, 2014 the VSP is in Capricorn.? Translation: we are collectively concerned with living our personal truths in the light of day.? Act from a disingenuous motive (or two) and this passion point known as the Venus Star will turn into the suffering of a ?fall from grace?.

That ?fallen angel? represents how gangster a Capricorn VSP can be.? Remember that the Venus Star Point is your reason for coming back to this life, what you have to give to others.? An abundance of Capricorn demonstrates a desire for big lots of control.? In this instance, gangster, blasts its way symbolically speaking, as euphemism for mafia, ok?? Leo Venus Star Points are Capricorn?s life mates.? The Leo Venus Star lends its incredible star power to this Capricorn Star for the next seven months.? If you do not know your heart and its desires, then pause before taking any action that does not feel you with energy and joy.? (Clues regarding how to handle this time can be found from August 16, 2011 through June 5, 2012 the last and closest Leo Venus Star). ?Were you fed in ways that served your acceptance of responsibility or forced to take on responsibilities that were not yours in the first place?

Who?s the Parent in this Life?

The ambassadors of the galaxy also known as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto bring in reincarnational themes in our lives.? Humanistic astrologer, Dane Rudyhar, coined this phrase about these ?outer? planets discovered in 1781, 1846 and 1930, respectively.? They bring a higher frequency of thought, love and action.

Include parental authority in these Uranus and Pluto collective corrections too.? To those of you who call yourself ?parents? (although we really only facilitators of evolution), it?d be better to give age appropriate answers to your children.? Resist any temptation to present a ?do as I say, not as I do? face.? Aries and Capricorn do not fare well under hidden and/or mixed agendas.? The individual spirit (Aries) has to see (Aries) a way to participate in its communal destiny responsibly (Capricorn).? These energies square off to get us to evolve.? And, new moons are seeding times for just this purpose, growth.

Allow your quest for meaning in life has to be yours.? You must own your life?s purpose.? Let others ask ?what?s your secret?? Those who question are fellow light workers (seekers on the path) searching for like hearted others.? ?Fire signs show themselves best through action.? Leave the rhetoric to the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.? This New Moon is extremely aspirational, taking Aries to a level of objectivity (at least here in KC) that it sometimes has to back into (Aries takes almost everything personally first).

With Mars in retrograde in opposing sign of ?I balance; we are? Libra, there is a tightrope we walk collectively.? Ask yourself the powerful question, ?how do I see you as an independent entity while I maintain my personal integrity, connect and still have fun in the sunshine??? Finding your source of inner joy is the answer that the Taoists would exhibit lots of pride about (if these neutral spirits were to show pride?)

Venus Star Verse

This is my personal combo of the ancient divinatory/contemplative I Ching and the newly created Venus Star Point (VSP) devised by Arielle Guttman.? Until October 25, 2014 we live under a Morning Star (warrior?s face of Venus) in Capricorn.? The Venus Star Point is an alignment of the Sun (spirit), Venus (heartfelt love) and Earth (drama over here).? It happens every nine to ten months.? January 11, 2014 was the last VSP.

Capricorn and Morning Star give a strong influence of Ken (The Mountain/Knowledge/Self-Mastery) in the lower trigram (lower three lines of the I Ching).? Our basic desire is to have enough time to learn ourselves well enough to be secure enough to let others in and know them.? The upper three lines found through this Aries Sun gives way to the Li (Fire/Fame/Reputation).? These two sets of three lines give the Venus Star Verse of The Wanderer #56.? From our soul?s perspective we are all wanderers on this physical plane (the only plane of existence that metaphysicians state that real ?accidents? occur).? Like driving while black in America, wanderers know that quick retribution for breaking the rules, customs or mores in unfamiliar spaces occurs.? Stay focused on the present moment.? Refuse to get bogged down in precedent or entitled behaviors.? Do not expect a ?daddy? (or cougar) to save you.? These are some ways your inner wanderer can survive; even this part of our psyches can thrive, this Aries, 2014.

How Does This New Moon in Aries Affect Me Personally?

Fire element (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius):? You have to be more reflective, cautious and thoughtful no matter how much it stretches your spirit.? How can you see the possibilities of concentrated and spirited action without becoming an impatient bully?? Aries folk, it is very important to ?check yourself, before you wreck yourself?.? Leo, cease any temptation to proselytize, what may be best for you and yours, may not be for others.? Sagittarius, hedonism is not attractive, but temperance magnetizes.? Everyone cannot want to bed or hook up with you, it?s just physically impossible.

Earth element (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn):? It has been said, ?a rising tide raises all boats?.? Taurus, the month before your birthday is all about retreat, taking stock in your past years and forgiving past transgressions.? Virgo, this time of year reminds you that you are an earth (physically driven) sign, take those risk to have greater intimacy with those who have your best interests at heart.? Capricorn, the fruits of your ambitions taste better when you share them.

Air element (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius):? How can you live out your ideals through the sentiment of ?no one is free if anyone is oppressed??? Gemini, your individual vision and effort to make the planet a better place in your immediate neighborhood is unparalled.? Libra, as the initiating sign of new forms of relationships, this New Moon challenges your ability to speak difficult truths in way that can be heard by others.? Aquarius, you love to challenges unexamined assumptions about life, love and relationships.? There is very little reason to not continue your passionate expressions of social inequalities.

Water element (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces):? Who are those who connected to you by the ?roots??? Cancer, reassess your fears around exhibiting authority in professional areas of your life.? Scorpio, a bit of self-discipline applied daily will improve the overall functioning of your life.? Pisces, the spiritual and material worlds are one world.? Believe it.? Know it.? Live it.? Cease making artificial distinctions because it is easier.


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