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New Moon in Cancer ♋️ 7.17.2023--Planting Seeds or Feeling For Roots?

My granddaddy used to say "better to be a day late, than a dollar short". What his caramel brown Louisiana a** meant by this statement whi in the hell knows? Setting up a payment plan perhaps? Well know this--Cancer is shrewd af. Tenacious is a word that comes to heart & mind.

They take the practicality of Taurus sprinkle in some curious ass Gemini--when backed into a corner--my money on them to bring the warrior/protector energy of firey Aries! In Cancer our egos create a fullness and being the first water sign--they emanate source energies. In other words, their strength can be hidden under an 'aw shucks' or 'homespun' wisdom---underestimate them at your own detriment (remember George W. Bush circa 2000?)

Conventional astrological knowledge states that New Moons are where you plant seeds. No---not true. False. You plant seeds at Full Moons---where tour consciousness can see the need to join with others in common vision aka communion.

At New Moons we are called to examine the roots...after all, She is at Her darkest point. It simply ain't practical to be toiling in the dirt to plant anything in the dark (unless you're going to war (United States ill fated 'Bay of Pigs' attack on Cuba was done under a New Moon). To assess roots you need your hoe and gardening gloves, for sure. You gotta feel around to know how deeply they go.

This attack brought on the Cuban Missile Crisis almost exactly 18 month later in October, 1962. Note that Venus Retrograde marked both events---She retrogrades again on July 23 until September 3, 2023. Fortunately, the higher laws of compassion and virtue won out--or we wouldn't be here, right? For you movie buffs click to see Thirteen Days---


U gotta know what's there first--what is growing? Decaying? How can assess the roots of the last cycle (New Moon in Gemini on June 17, 2023)? Cancer's key phrase is 'I Feel'---so we are offered a double dose of feeling for the roots. However, you go about it, we are taken on an inner journey. Can you imagine your inner space as infinite? What will She bring this New Moon in terms of diplomacy and war over the next couple of months? Russia & Ukraine? Our fractured Congress? Personally, how are you in disequilibrium? Feeling underappreciated? It's Leo energy that being reevaluated---come straight from the heart or stay silent. Venus Retrograde is not interested in excessive rationality and/or excuses.

Cancer New Moons, of course, have everything to do with family, roots and ancestry. To simply say 'it runs in the family' negates the Solar light of 'what are you bringing to the table?'

Well, that product remains to be seen, to be illuminated at the Full Moon in Capricorn on August 1. Responsibility and accountability are central to these next several weeks. Response differs from reaction. Consideration and intent aid in understanding where you may be held accountable (out of order, hurting someone's feelings or being called flat out wrong).

This New Moon occurs with a Venus slow down to retrograde on July 23. The Goddess of Equilibrium and Joy sits pretty (is She anything else but pretty?) in late Leo. Pluto demands that we adapt and adjust our values and ideals from mature Capricorn. Leo ♌️ & Capricorn are 'Daddy' signs--so what is your relationship to authority based upon rational rule making and yang/masculine energy? Realize that Venus Retrograde brings a transgender energy so these yang energies can be found in anybody--male, female and non-binary, ok?

Make some wishes to allow Venus to give you an inner balance between your masculine and feminine energies. Cancer has both as it is an initiating (yang) water (yin) sign. Recognize where you can seek your own level, soften and flow like water. If you don't choose to root out your patterns of control, last fall may come back to not only haunt you, but Venus can bring all types of relational unfinished business from 2015, 2007, 1999, 1991---every eight (8) years She brings shifts from the Goddess of Love to War---after spending 40 days or so on Earth embodied as a man--a transgendered Venus. Imagine these eight year cycles of Venus showing Herself as a producer of your own personal drama---cliff hangers & lovers returning.

Utilize the waning cycle of Mars in Virgo to listen with your inner ear of truth to know which ideals are guiding you while you analyze the realities of all of your relationships. If you're integrating your time with your visionary ideals, you can expect Venus to bring you back into alignment over the next couple of months. Leo and Virgo like to be on stage---but warrior Mars in Virgo projects their energies toward humble service---love demonstrated in the little things. Grand gestures unless they've been discussed before July 23 are best left to germinate until Venus goes direct in early September. Keep it simple. Be silent till you can speak from your heart. Become comfortable with ambiguity within yourself and your relationships, ok? Listen with love.

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