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new moon in leo 2017

New Moons are seeding times. ?We look within to follow our instincts as if we were coming down from the mountaintop protected by Yahweh himself. ?Lofty. ?Not always. ?Demanding. For sure, especially with Leo spreading the seeds of spiritual joy and rapture with warrior Mars along the way.

Come from the heart and all works out, in the end…You may not be able to see the entire plan, but rest assured, power plays, manipulations and lying by omission will not get you what you want. ?You want love. ?You want heartfelt action. ?You desire leave obsessions behind. ?Sure, this New Moon could have you feeling restless, overly emotional and seeking to end uncomfortable connections. ?With responsibly acknowledging where you feel anxiety or insecurity about love, you can challenge yourself to speak and act from your heart.

Use the Venus (love) and Saturn (maturity taught through lack) opposition from mental Gemini to inspirational Sagittarius to communicate what your higher aims are in your closest relationships while keeping your feet on the ground. ?See the entire glass, so to speak, not whether it is half empty or full.

Morning Star Venus in Aries since March 25, 2017 continuing through January 8, 2018, Mars rules our personal passions in a grand way. ?Mars is intimately connected to Aries. ?The Morning Star phase has a warrior, action oriented motivation based upon independence and wholeness. Mars will be moving through the sign of Leo (a highly compatible and concentrated fire sign) until September 5, 2017. ?Let your pleasurable artisan, lover and self-expressive spirit soar. Hobbies, avocations, games and personal risks of all kinds abound. ?It’s that adage from St. Augustine, ‘do what thou will, and harm none’. ?This is includes no self-harm through repressive and controlling behaviors.

The Venus Star underscores our gifts to offer to the collective, freely and completely. ?An Aries Morning Star thrives on directing their destiny with minimal interference from others. ?It is in alignment to this New Moon and Mars in Leo. ?We all have an excellent opportunity to shake up our lives from being true to ourselves in each moment.

If you do not know your Venus Star AKA Personal Passion Point, email or in the comment section, give me your birthday.

I can tell you whether it is time to risk receiving aid, giving help or analyzing where you’ve lost your zest for living. ?It is time for participation and this Venus Star and New Moon are right on time for the Total Solar Eclipse to occur on August 21. ?Through symbolically burning away what has become wasteful, you can prepare yourself for the merging of your personal will to the collective will promises at the upcoming eclipse. ?To lighten your load over the next couple weeks, can make the transitions promised next month easier.

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