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New Moon in Pisces 3.10.24

A New Moon in Pisces represents a new beginning and integrating our beliefs into daily action. Helping us is the cosmic teacher Saturn. While all planets are teachers, Saturn has a particular role in reminding us of our physical limitations. Pisces is a sign that seeks wholeness, boundlessness, and seeing realities that are not yet beheld. In other words, Pisces lures us into seeing other dimensions. Saturn has us concentrate on the physical laws of time and space. Saturn moving through Pisces asks all of us to pay our respects to Invisible dimensions. 

Allow this moon to give you just a little bit more faith in what is unseen. After all, you see the effects of feelings and thoughts, but do you see a feeling or thought? It can be as simple as taking time daily to reflect upon your intentions and motivations behind each of your actions. With Mercury in Aries which centers upon action, we will have until May 15th to do intense contemplation upon our actions. Imagine we are all entering a time over the next couple months to give us a bird's eye view on how to move from believing and wishing into knowledge and acceptance. It is as if we all have a cosmic social worker sitting on our shoulders. if you like a more religious symbol then an angel or several angels whispering in your ear and/or an opening of your hearts. 

There is an upcoming Mercury retrograde from April 1st until April 25th. During this time we will have a total solar eclipse on April 8th. Suffice it to say, Chiron, the wounded healer, is strongly aligned with this solar eclipse. Our individual ego and its attachment to acting in the moment or reacting, will be tested by our understanding where we continue to carry wounds from our childhood and family of origin. We can speak on more of that later.

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