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New Moons are seeding times.? The fertility that occurs when the Sun and Moon unite, yang and yin, spirit and body, can be a celebratory time of these alignments.? This New Moon occurs on 5.42 am CST on Saturday November 18, 2018.? Scorpio, the only fixed water sign, brings us to our emotional depths. ?Water, as represented by our souls, can appear fragile.? However, it can take the shape of whatever container it is placed in.? As with our souls, water has ability to take the lowest place, humbly, through staying open to the feelings in all situations, slowly wear down the even the stoniest of hearts, soothe the worse fiery tempers and cause even the airiest of heads to think deeply about our innate interconnectedness.

Water sign, Pisces Quincy Jones in the studio where ?We Are the World?, placed a sign ?Leave your ego at the door?.? He wanted to ensure that each artist knew they were there to sing a song larger than everyone.? Our ego?s initiation into the deep bonding that can only occur when your ego is consciously surrendered to something and/or someone higher and deeper.

Scorpio New Moons require purpose and mission.? Through its connection to dwarf planet Pluto, we are reminded of the adage, ?good things come in small packages?.? It is that ?mustard seed of faith?.? Faith the belief in the unseen, like a thought that while motives cannot be seen, they can be felt and observed.? The smallest thing is our intent behind our actions, that seed of our motivations.? Often our motivations are private, but as the truth behind your actions demonstrates itself, our closest relationships reflect our true intents.

We recognize the ?other? in the preceding sign of Libra; we respond from our souls instinctively about how to treat these ?others? in Scorpio.? This profound water sign gets a lot of flak for being intense, yet not all transformations have to be psychological, sometimes you might want to get your hair cut or done.? Freud stated that ?sometimes a cigar is a cigar?, therefore a physical change can symbolize an inner one.


This New Moon AKA ego (Sun) and instinct (Moon) join in Scorpio to form a discerning and service oriented relationship to Uranus in Aries.? Along with an association with warrior and assertive Mars, Aries and Scorpio have a relationship to power and control.? Power has an inward thrust, while control is usually about others.? While Scorpio wants to control, manipulate and strategize to get the most from its partnerships, Aries brings the preemptive strike, the knocking over the water pitcher to demonstrate in the moment its fundamental nature is to carry water.? Uranus in Aries offers the instantaneous overview that informs dominant Scorpio that you have a choice to stand up for your individual rights apart from merging or goading.? Choose now.? Live without being attached to precedent or ?that?s how it?s always been done?.? Dance as if no one is watching feeds the Aries spirit.? Scorpio observes the dance floor without dancing, so there is no joyous self-expression.? When our intimate relationships lose their spontaneous spirit, we all lose.

We will be challenged daily to instantaneously transform our relationship to how we choose to serve those closest to us.? Uranus demands we serve the larger universal truths that are reflected in how we treat each other.? Yet, Scorpio, as the last of the interpersonal signs, looks within to understand how to deepen and transform its innate warrior spirit.? All of us now, no matter what our signs, are being called to become introspective, cautious, but fierce.? Brave expression of our true and unvarnished selves, that takes a fierce commitment to being self-controlled and insightful without compromising our integrity.? That?s a credo of the Scorpio-Aries dynamic.? Sharing power compassionately is realizing and living gracefully under the pressure of these chaotic times.? Like the grit that gives an earthworm its ability to move upon smooth surfaces, Scorpio-Aries improvises its life around and through pain, moving deeper in soul while simultaneously soaring in spirit.


Our wounded healer seeks to aid our growth through recognizing where we have fallen prey to futility patterns.? I am writing this blog in early morning.? I chose to follow my Uranian now moment guidance to transcend my personal futile thoughts that plague me.? Who really cares what I have to say?? Why is growth occurring slowly on this dense planet?? Why bother?? Chiron in supportive Pisces shows us a way through our collective pain.? Forgiveness is key.? Forgiveness is easier when you consciously search for higher ideals and live from your own virtues.? It can begin with the analysis of the judgements you express.? Seeing yourself in these judgements is a first step.? Pisces softens and often lessens Scorpio?s suspiciousness and Aries? potential inability to think long term or to inspire others.? Chiron?s pain becomes everyone?s pain in Pisces.? We must be willing to see these universal themes that make us one.

Scorpio New Moons desire contemplation, so our souls need to ask these following questions:

What good is socially acceptable and polite behavior while you secretly harbor contempt for the ?other??? What do you seed in our society if you feel superior to the ?other??? How can we grow beyond expectations placed on us through accepting outmoded gender norms?? How can your detachment be seen and felt as selfish isolationism, cowardice, especially in the face of staying silent when ?others? are treated or spoken about as if they do not matter?

What to Expect

With Jupiter (excess) and Venus (values/love) in Scorpio these stories of sexual harassment by those in power will continue.? Our culture must grow to share power and resources.? More will come to light regarding everyone?s motivations behind behavior.? After all, Scorpio is psychologically driven, Jupiter represents those who are entitled and privileged.? Again, compassion is central, for self and others.? We must mature as an individual and nation.? We must reject our apathy towards divisiveness, fundamentalism and materialism.? Being goaded into unnecessary arguments happens.? It is how we reconcile our differences that matters.? Knowing when to hold your ground is central to thriving under an intense Scorpio gaze.? Not helping matters politically and personally is the current movement of Mars (physical aggression) in comparing Libra challenged by power driven and obsessive Pluto in domineering and mercenary Capricorn AKA a symbolically penis measuring contest.? Who can be the best dictator at and/or within your home and abroad?? Charity begins at home has rarely rung so true.? Outside forces of hateful distraction help us focus on what?s inside and how to respond with winning shared scenarios.

Saturn is finishing up his three-year trek through Sagittarius.? As a neighboring sign, Sag Saturn took our culture to extremes in beliefs, propaganda and philosophies to shine its massive light upon our hypocrisies as a nation. ?These lapses of integrity begin within ourselves and eventually seep into our relationships.? Scorpio and Sagittarius do not live unexamined lives.? When you have either of these signs prominent in your chart, the influence you have upon others is evident, self-reflection must be central to living healthily.? The better you know your motivations, the more you can authentically live in today?s world.

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