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The compartmentalizing nature of Virgo is known, that place where reality and desire split. Sacred and holy meet with the mundane and profane, body and soul. ?It is like living where your left hand (soul) doesn?t know what your right hand (ego) is doing, that?s the split, the compartmentalization, the material and the spiritual.

Virgo seeks to bring these parts of our being together. ?Making our work sacred or at least finding the parts of our work as meaningful as possible serves Virgo well. ?The Sun and Moon merge to begin a new cycle in Virgo (material) with Neptune in Pisces (spiritual). These next 28 days when have an exceptional opportunity to integrate body and soul, finding inspiration in everyday tasks and acts of service.

Helping illuminate our unifying needs is Wholistic Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio.

Neptune expands our consciousness through faith, vision and soul liberation. In the Martha and Mary parable, Martha’s consciousness was noted by the Christ because she attended to housework. Mary, as a symbol of Neptune, set at his feet and listened. They are two parts of one whole. We need our higher spiritual vision and our attending to our physical health and duties. ?I like to imagine Mary and Martha as one woman.

Venus in Scorpio sends us into the underworld to look at our motivations behind love, making money and seeking the comforts of living. Knowing your desires and how you’ve become attached can be painful, yet continually seeking light within the darkness can mobilize your rebirth within yourself and your relationships.

Use the upcoming Venus retrograde to hit the pause button in your relationships (particularly from October 31 thru December 2 while she’s in Libra). Spend time in meditation, contemplation and retreat within to find the answers. Behave as if your soul has all of the answers. You must choose to take the time to know which questions are worthy of asking. Then, make the time to receive the answers.


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