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Each year many of us make these resolutions to ourselves.? Like the ritual of making a wish while blowing out of the candles of a birthday cake, resolutions seem to be best served when you keep them to yourself.? Who wants others to monitor their behavior or to chide them when the resolution are broken?? Believe it or not, each astrological sign has a unique take on New Year?s Resolutions.

I can remember three years ago in 2014, I made a resolution to drink all the water brought to me by server?s when I would dine out in restaurants.? It was amazing (and sometimes frustrating) how I had to determine how much I could drink.? Not to mention the challenge in paying more attention to those servers who would fill up my water glass without asking first.? To this day, I still carry out this resolution.

Breaking with the protocol of birthday wishes, a resolution (or re-soul-ution) for 2017 is less food waste.? Translation:? making shopping lists by hand before I go to the grocery store.? More importantly, taking an inventory of my refrigerator and cabinets before I go to the grocery store.? Simply slowing down before I go to the grocery store?you get my point & it is VERY personal.? We have SO much in this country, possibly too much, huh?

In our privileged nation, most resolutions are made to curb our excesses.? Jupiter (and his big ol? self) rules excesses.? Until October 10, 2017, Jupiter will be in the sign of Libra.? Then, he moves into Scorpio.? Most often our resolutions are personal and self-centered.? However, Libra is an other-directed sign of equal relationship, marriage and close peers (lawsuits).? The sign of scales is the most neutral sign of all 12 in the zodiac aka ?circle of animals?.? Libra is here to learn balance, to live out an equitable life between ego and soul, me and thee, logic and feeling or thought and intuition.? Jupiter in its zest for the ?truth? can easily move each of us to skip steps and believe or aspire to ?truth? before having all of the facts.? My warning to the population this year is definitely Delphic in nature: ?Know thyself? and ?everything in moderation?.


The fire element of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius:? Patience may not be as much of a challenge for Leos as it is for Aries and Sagittarius, but each of you must learn that not everyone moves as quickly.

Aries, refrain from making snap judgements, especially around people of a different gender, race, culture or educational background.? Until June, it will be important to manage all forms of debt (financial and emotional).? Resolve to keep an open mind and heart.? Resolve to delegate those tasks even if you can do them faster than those to whom you?ve delegated them.

Leo, you may say what you want, but say it kindly.? Make best efforts to notice what others do well first or at the very least place yourself in their position before blurting out what you consider to bean ?obvious? truth.? Resolve to speak after you?ve considered and investigated multiple perspectives.? Resolve to be objective especially with those who live differently than you.

Sagittarius, you are usually the blunt speaker.? However, 2017 is all about your maturation process.? Keep expanding your circle of friends and business acquaintances.? Resolve to accept your aging process (this includes getting to the doctor/taking supplements/routine exercise etc.? Resolve to give time for people to prove their value to you (beyond simple wishful thinking).? Volunteerism through a cherished issue of yours rocks.

The earth element of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:? Generally your resolutions have to do with diet, exercise, health and how you spend (or save) money.? 2017 offers very little to vary on this tradition.

Taurus, if your waistline has expanded, investigate different philosophies of how to manage your weight.? Consider going to a nutritionist, acupuncturist or naturopath.? ?Weight? also means throwing your ?weight? around.? Resolve to know when to offer your opinion and when to ?live and let live?. Resolve to do a little each day instead of procrastinating or going to an extreme of over doing to make up for what you consider to be ?time wasted?.

Virgo, a second income stream doing something you love can be helpful in paying off debt as well as increasing your self-esteem through finding more joy in self-expression.? Resolve to bring more beauty into your life through ridding yourself of excessive self-depreciation and anxiety over money.

Capricorn, ambition is not a bad word for you.? However, an attachment to status and hierarchy can cause you to appear entitlement and smug.? Resolve to make those career connections to advance your place in society, but know what cost more responsibility may have on your private life.? Everything in moderation also includes compliments given to others (usually those in authority or power).

The air element of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius has resolutions that usually center on their interpersonal relationships and increased harmony in the world (you know many of you are idealists).

Gemini, it is all about the stories you tell yourself.? Do you see yourself as the hero in your own life?s story?? If not, you?re going to miss out on many opportunities because you focused too much on the rear view mirror reflection.? Resolve to become creator of your life?s story.? Resolve to balance obligations with activities that you lose track of time (that can include sleep?)

Libra, your scales balance work and play, gorging and fasting, hanging out and hanging in, for sure.? 2017, though, is tailor made for new educational opportunities, travel, studying your ancestry and broadening your horizons.? Resolve to aspire to get beyond anxiety about your future.? Resolve to aspire to show your best self, and if you think/feel you are lagging then only hang with those who inspire you.

Aquarius, your wise water bearer ways can have offering objective advice when we unable to hear it.? This year, though, you are our on-call advisor.? We are more likely to listen when you personalize your message.? Resolve to integrate the deep with the broad.? Resolve to be profoundly personal and universal.? Resolve to instruct us on what your higher consciousness perceives to be humanity?s next steps.

The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces know love when they feel it.? 2017 can be a test of just how much love is enough?to receive and to give.

Cancer, you can easily go overboard with feelings and end up washing away or drowning those you want to help and to love.? Resolve to ask before offering (or taking).? Resolve to expand your home, real estate purchases, if the need arises.? Resolve to examine the spirit of your connections in lieu of being exacting or judgemental about your connections.

Scorpio, you?ve heard, ?to err is human, to forgive is divine?.? 2017 offers an extra dose in learning how to rise above the petty conflicts of life and human interaction.? Resolve to turn over your painful wounds to a higher universal belief system (that?s personal, accessible and realistic given the details of your life.)? Resolve to give where you can, freely and without second thought.? Resolve to decrease your calculated oft-anxiety induced thinking.

Pisces, you are learning to believe in your best self that is shown through your behavior.? 2017 will offer you many opportunities to preach what you practice.? Resolve to be authentic and transparent in your actions.? Resolve to follow a cherished dream or vision (perhaps from childhood or adolescence).? Resolve to reduce distractions through all emotional excesses that cause excessive eating/drinking etc.


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