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Now, In Spirit presents what is relevant from a spiritual clearing house perspective. ?This blog sees Astrology as the gateway to speak about personal, interpersonal and transpersonal events. ?Love, spirituality, karma, evolution, gender, sexuality, politics, there is no subject that will be taboo. ?I have found that Astrology has a gateway, a safe entrance point and that is Numerology.


June as the sixth month, the thirteenth day and the year adds up this way.

6 +1+3+2+0+!+8=21=3

The number 3 represents the joy of self-expression. ?Pleasure through connecting your active and passive parts to produce something of true value. ?Joy is sourced through gratitude. So this Gemini New Moon has all the makings of Thanksgiving in June (without the political ramifications of the sorted history of this American holiday). ?In typical Gemini fashion, adaptability to the reality of the situation is required.

The Empress is third major arcana (secret). ?She is the Queen Mother, Ceres the agricultural Goddess that feeds us. ?She is most known for her loss of Persephone in the underworld. This now dwarf planet moves through the sign of the child (personal creations), Leo. ?I have Ceres in Leo, and one of my most profound losses was of my child. He has returned and Persephone does, each and every spring. Imagine my joy when he quoted my words back to me when he was in pain, ?you?ll be an adult a lot longer than you will be a child?. ?My heart has immense compassion for those parents who do not get to see their children grow into adults.

Through a loss of love, self-expression or self-respect, we can come to know what and whom to appreciate. ?We reframe and adjust. When Ceres was separated from Persephone, she became a nanny to a royal child. Her nurturing energies were expressed. ?She valued herself and what she had to give. Loss reminds all of us of the transitory nature of life. Ceres in Leo requires we live in the now, we share our love now.

Gemini offers choices. ?This changeable and curious air sign of late spring desires that you consider all thoughts from an intellectual, even amoral, perspective. ?Why not do this or that? Leave the opinionated moralizing to its opposite sign of Sagittarius. I am not encouraging bad behaviors, simply an opening of your mind to consider the possibilities given the facts of your life.

New Moons are seeding times. ?After the reflection on those timeless universal truths of the last seven days (the last quarter of the Moon), the New Moon on June 13 sets a tone for growth and expansion. ?It starts with a thought, an idea. The days grow longer in the Northern Hemisphere and our minds brighten.

YES, if you are a subscriber or follower of mine. ?U ALREADY KNOW THIS?

And, if not, hey, that?s why you?d also be a client.


We are in an Evening Star phase of the VSP. ?In the I Ching (Book of Changes and Transformation), there are six lines that comprise a hexagram. ?There are two trigrams. The lower one is called Human Affairs, the upper one, Cosmic Ideals. Like the faces of Venus, Morning and Evening Stars respectively follow the I Ching. ?Whenever we are in an Evening Star phase, as a collective, we are more attuned to the Cosmic Ideals, other-directed, idealistic, lovingly engaged while Venus hangs out at sunset.

Evening Star Lover Venus in traditional Capricorn wants us to set up a dynamic of dissuading disharmony. ?Know those around you well enough to choose your battles wisely. Five presidents of the US were born under an Evening Star Venus in Capricorn. ?(This current one has an Evening Star in Aquarius which is a Reflecting Twin.) While these five built up the office and created a certain legacy (Capricorn), this one wants to destroy these legacies (Aquarius Venus Star can be a rebel without a cause, when insecure tears down all institutions without any corresponding system in order to replace).

In the Kansas City chart for this New Moon in Gemini, the VSP is in the fourth house of psychological foundations, home, family legacy (usually from the father). ?It is conjunct Pluto (like it was on January 9). Any reverberations of power and authority from five months ago?

When you take Evening Star Capricorn and place it over Gemini in Human Affairs, you get Younger Brother Ken (Stillness) over Middle Brother K?an (Abyss). What do you imagine Bobby and Peter of the Brady Bunch would do if they were in power, making decisions that affected your everyday life and future life of your children on this planet? ?The I Ching?s answer is hexagram #4, Youthful Folly. It is Youthful Folly to presume you know anything about anything. Ask, respectfully, so that those who have exhibited wisdom through speech and deed may instruct. Who would not agree that our current Evening Star Aquarius president is an embodiment of the fable, The Emperor?s New Clothes? ?Or is a member of the Scribes and Pharisees or the money lenders in the temple of the first century that Jesus rebuked?

What is not talked about is the Venus Star Point (VSP), our intrauterine place of Sun (ego), Venus (love) and Earth (where u be living at aka dharma) before our birth…this alignment gives us all the feels while moving us toward how to express the feels in partnerships and teams.

This New Moon conjuncts the Venus Star Point of June 12, 1988 at the 23rd degree of Gemini.

Where were you almost one Saturn cycle (29-30 years ago? ?I know where I was and whom I was doing or being done by…remember there is no binary or opposition when Venus Star Point and Her passionate pentagram is invoked, only joy, mutuality and pleasure. ?Do you want a love supreme or a love denied? Bit of both, you star crossed chile of honey? Rebone & copper (metal associated to Venus). The Venus Star, through passion, brings our hearts into focus. ?When our hearts seek healing, we can enter into timeless states, like being so absorbed in an activity that time flies, stands still or we lose track of it. This Gemini New Moon can activate and remind us a missed connection now longer for or an acknowledgement of growth because of the loss. ?


Mercury rules this New Moon that occurs at 2.43 pm CDT here in Kansas City. ?The Messenger god that moves between our underworldly and psychologically driven mind to our higher aspiration thought is in the emotive sign of Cancer. ?Our ability to move between our thoughts and instincts is further indicated through a mutual reception of the Moon in Gemini (Mercury as ruler) and Mercury in Cancer (Moon as ruler). ?The past, like chickens, can come home to roost.

As the Moon waxes in light to her first quarter on Wednesday June 20, know that Mercury will have squared Wounded Healer Chiron in feisty Aries and opposing contracting Saturn in Capricorn ?June 20 as the last day of Sun?s stay in Gemini will prove to open up any past hurts particularly related to father and themes of limitation, oppressed or lack of discipline. In Mythology, Saturn was Chiron father. Although these two bodies do not technically square each other from Capricorn to Aries, they travel within a couple of degrees for most of the summer. ?This New Moon acts as a ?canary in our family?s past coal mine?.

Mercury through is stint in Cancer will have our individual minds focusing upon what love we did or not perceive to receive from our family of origins. ?I won?t say that perception is all, however, our memories are being sensitized and placed through multi-dimensional portals ala the movie Inception (thanks to Neptune in Pisces). ?This New Moon accentuates what we feel is lacking in our family communities.

The missing leg in this Mercury/Saturn/Chiron stressful t-square is Libra. ?When balanced between ego and soul, logic and intuition, the seventh sign can be the most neutral of them all. ?Taking life?s wounds ?under advisement? can offer you the pause you need to access the wisdom of Solomon. To rush ahead before all the facts are gathered, would be folly. ?

Venus moves into Leo later in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 13 ushering in a time of radical self-love and confidence. ?The Goddess of Love will sashay in the sign most associated to romance and love affairs (Leo) until July 9. To fall in love with love?s ideals and to heal your heart of past hurts can be indicated when Venus connects to futuristic and freedom loving Uranus June 14. Uranus in a home sign of Venus (Taurus) requires we take the long look at what or whom truly matters, that we may give our hearts quickly, but allow the physical body its time. ?Who knows in today?s ?hook up? culture, maybe sex is to come first and love second? Uranus in Taurus and New Moon in Gemini at least want us to keep our minds open enough to ask these questions. Gemini demands that our minds be curious enough to consider and form the question. Take the time to let your investigation into heart matters morph into wisdom. A Leo Venus will resist with great force any one person or situation that shines poorly upon them. ???Dignity is a priority, for sure.

When Leo?s loving expression is appreciated, you feel warmth, loyalty and elevated to the status of a VIP. ?There is a childlike openness that we all have the opportunity to partake. At its lowest level, a Leo Venus can ?fake it until you make it?. Yet, you?ll be advised to remember that one of the first rules of magic is ?to pretend as if?. ?Role playing, dressing up and showing no signs of fatigue all have their source as a Leo tactic.

June 15 the Mercury opposition to Saturn become exact. ?Oppositions illuminate both sides of an issue, and in this case the amount of responsibility you take within each of your close relationship will need to be investigated. ?Are you behaving as a parent would? Or are you action as a child? Pointing one finger means three are pointing back at you. Because Saturn is the elder and has more access to maturity, it?d be best to come from a place of growth.

Our current Venus Star (Personal Passion Point) is Evening Star (other-directed) and Capricorn (integrity/excellence/maturity). ?Allow these lunar energies to inspire you to live ?Another Day in the Park? ala Chicago while holding fast to the commitments already made. ?There is room for your elder and your inner child. Put down your smartphone and walk on the grass, barefoot. Then you may pick your smartphone again and make an appointment for a mani/pedi.

Happy New Mooning!


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