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Mars, Roman God of war, goes retrograde approximately every two years. ?From June 26 through August 27, 2018 he will appear to go backwards from 10 Aquarius to 28 Capricorn.? Warrior planet in signs that want to affect groups of people.? Chinese curse of ‘may you live in interesting times’ has rarely been so relevant.

Now, In Spirit recognizes that retrogrades represent a large portion of how we stop our forward direct motion for our soul’s evolution.? The apparent ?backwards? motion requires that we look inward and reflect upon what the planet means to us individually.? For the Aries, Scorpio or Capricorns (and those closely involved with them), you are being asked to look at the motivation behind your actions.? A retro Mars is closely aligned to the psychological Scorpio side, not the acting before thinking Aries side.? Know your cause.? Know what you know.? Know what you’re willing to risk before joining, jumping or leaping.? And, certainly initiate no arguments.? In fact, go on a listening tour.? Take things under advisement.? Retreats do not imply weakness.? Realize that you do not have to be an Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn for this time to affect you profoundly.

Our ability to act on our desires. ?The recognition that we are different from others. ?Self-assertion, those gender assigned ?masculine? traits of extraversion, drive, ambition and standing up for yourself or others, these are under the direction of Mars. ?He has a 26 month cycle around the solar system. He is our ?terrible twos? planet. Yet, he is spending a total of eight months March 17-November 15, 2018) in elder, mature and transpersonal signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

How does the toddler planet get on with the elder energies of Capricorn and Aquarius? ?Mars is exalted (get his source powers from) Capricorn, responsible, cautious and disciplined sign. ?Like a two year old that needs to know their limits, Capricorn tempers and controls Mars. Or a soldier who follows the chain of command, General Capricorn does not disappoint. ?However, the shadow of these two energies can be an ?ends justifying the means?, a ?us vs them? mentality or using the law to punish those on the other side. The more Capricorn represses, the more free-spirited and rebellious Aquarius will behave.

Government can use Mars as its whipping boy, creating extreme situations of societal repression based upon race, income inequality, gender, you name the other and they?ll be demonized and marginalized. ?Our current immigration problems is reflected in the current Mars cycle. Mars conjuncts (shares space with) the South Node (past life) of the chart of the USA on June 10, July 12 and Oct 5, 2018. We can currently see how our nation?s past desires (Mars) for the perfect community (Aquarius) has created a dissociation. ?The separation of families be they slave, Indian or Guatemalan has been a huge unresolved part of our history. June 10 (the first hit) awakened our population to see how different our ideals and our practices have become. July 12 will move us to work out our difficulties with actual resolution occurring at the third pass on October 5. ?Yes, in an ideal astrological world…but where Capricorn digs deep for solution (once integrity is front and center, not mercenary greed) a Mars in Aquarius shocks the people to work with like minded others to create equitable solutions. In essence, Mars retrograde in Aquarius is fighting for the cheer: ?All for one, One for all?!

The July 12 (second reflective Mars hit) is at the tail end of his cycle from the summer of 2016, a week before a solar eclipse.? Saber rattling and more info about the Russian probe will occur.? He who throws the first punch loses the fight in a Mars retrograde.? Our past (Saturn) and future (Uranus) are in a waning disseminating cycle in earth signs, keep it practical, real and tied to everyone’s best financial securities and you’ve got a winning platform.? However, we must have a transparent conversation (Aquarius) about how to make the system work for everyone (Capricorn).? Expect more legislative surprises when Mars retrogresses back into Capricorn (August 12 through September 10).

Confusion over truth? ?Retrograde planets require a slowing down to ascertain which roads have been traveled and have they been working out for you? ?Do you want to be right or heard? Effective or dismissed? Revolutionize or reform? Capricorn and Aquarius are political signs, that is, they both want to make their mark (a form of Mars/mark) on their chosen communities. ?Capricorns must check their integrity and character for holes of hypocrisy. Aquarius must be willing to question authority and work with others of shared ideals to root out the fundamental flaws in the system built (and protected) by their preceding sign of Capricorn.

?What does this have to do with me??, you ask. ?The personal (Mars) has rarely been so political. ?Even in your most intimate of relationships, how you handle and share power matters. ?Transparent or given towards silent treatments based upon incomplete information shared? ?Think you?re always the smartest, giving or loving? Does your making more money give you certain privileges? ?If so, how do you share? Until November 15, we are together at the cosmic mercy of the adage: If you not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Where Mars is rooted at the nature of base instinct of separating desires, Capricorn and Aquarius moves Mars into considering the larger picture of how governments and communities survive and then thrive. ?The more your family (Cancer) depends upon edicts (yes, I use this word specifically) from the government (Capricorn), the more freedom (Aquarius) you?ll demand. We have a revolutionary past (South Node in Aquarius). ?These next 10 weeks will demonstrate how much we are willing to fight for it. As far as our political process is concerned, show, follow and then get rid of the money. Yes, that would be ideal, and Aquarius is nothing, if not idealistic…

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