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3x/year Mercury slows down and spends 3 weeks in looking like he’s going backwards.

This year, 2015, an 8 (2+0+1+5=8) has the infinity symbol, that every changing energetic relationship between the spiritual and material world comes into stark focus. Mercury, a guide to getting our headstrong western minds to seek connections, spends his retrograde cycles in the air element.

Aquarius (January 21 through February 11), Gemini (May 18 through June 11) & Libra (September 17 through October 9) are the exact days he will retrace his steps. The mentally driven air signs rely upon logic and rational thinking to communicate what truly matters to them. Air signs use machinery, computers, smartphones, etc. as extensions of their minds and imperatives. They also act as our reasonable mediators explaining the facts and our common purposes to each other. We all know the world is built upon more than only logic.

What happens when the mediators has misfiring synapses in their perceptions and how they are communicated? We all slow down and read the psychic fine print.

Aries or Aries Rising: What is the quality of your goals for the future? How have you become disappointed in your community, your friends? Have you refused to reach out and make amends based upon a large and insecure ego? Use this Mercury direct in Aquarius (until March 12) to assess where you still have things you need to learn. Detachment is the only clue I’ll give to you.

Taurus or Taurus Rising: Integrity and conviction are what truly matters. Often given oodles of charm and attractiveness if you’ve acting as if your social obligations have been burdening you too much, you may find yourself having less…unexpectedly released from work. Take the high road, admit your faults and get back to your chosen grindstone.

Gemini or Gemini Rising: Your quest for consciousness may have been stalled. In retrospect, your road not taken keeps showing itself, it is a winding one. Straight lines are for cowards. Read something that contradicts with your belief system. Question your inspirations and their source.

Cancer or Cancer Rising: Your possessiveness exists because you give much of yourself. This Mercury is asking, no, demanding that you get over feeling everything is a larger than life mystery. Use this time to pull back and get to the source of your pain. Use your ego to realize where you’ve been looking back when a more accepting future awaits.

Leo or Leo Rising: Finding those you consider to be equals can be a challenge. You won’t admit to where you feel superior, and in some ways you’ve worked harder than others to get your individual acclaim or success. A heartfelt apology to a mate, ex, friend or family member will keep your heart fresh and open. You have until March 12 (it gets murkier after this date).

Virgo or Virgo Rising: You’ve heard the one about all work and no play, you gets no play! Like Leo, you long to share your innermost self with another. It cannot be just your work, though. If ill, check how many hours you’ve worked (be that in the home or outside). Realign your health priorities even if you’re that proverbial healthy horse.

Libra or Libra Rising: Reclaiming a fantasy of a would be lover or playmate has been an ongoing theme this Mercury stall. Now, regardless of what occurred it is necessary to get on with the business of joyous and expectant living. Expectant living includes, but is not limited to, a sunny disposition that depends upon no one except you.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising: Aquarius’ transparency can rankle your reserves nerves, however, retrogrades were tailor made for reflection. Once you realize that the so-called mistakes in communication were those disguises blessings, you can relax and enjoy being seen as the powerful person you truly are. Power differs from being controlling, a lot.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising: Once you know and live the difference between gossip and processing, your adaptable fire lights up almost every area of life. Taking an interest in others, speaking to what you’ve witnessed, that’s processing. Gossipers usually has no concern for how your words would land on another.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: Gaining the world but losing your soul is not alluring. When the attractive nuisance tempts you, use what you’ve learned over the past weeks to keep your desires in check. Make a wish list. Check it at least three times. Then read it aloud. Now, expect these desires to come into physical manifestation (I know that’s the hard part, believing and waiting).

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising: Passions can be a root cause of suffering. No one listens; no one understands. However, to live an unexamined life ala Socretes is truly hell. Better to marry than burn in lust ala St. Paul. Where have you expressed what sets your heart and body on fire? If not, why not?

Pisces or Pisces Rising: Unfinished business could describe your entire life, that and mixed feelings. Mercury in Aquarius for ten weeks (January 4 through March 12) can be your idea of scientific detachment and measurement when you want to escape through a glass of wine and music. Give each part of your being its due. You’ll get to fully recline soon.

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