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Numbers, Stars & Cards: Libra Paying It Forward One

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Please read first for add'l understanding of Paying It Forward (PIF)

Numbers---your date of birth.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Libra folx:

Venus runs yourSelf.

Mars makes your relationship.

Saturn harbors your soul.

Moon greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Libra PIF One

Libra PIF Ones September 28, October 1, 10, 19): As a Libra One, your sun sign oscillates between self and others or self and ideals but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot challenges your balance on individuality first. Like all Libras, relationships are important, but the first one has to be a healthy one to yourself. No, not in a selfish manner. Meditate on the difference between self-centered and selfish. You must know what you want, what makes you feel good, then, and only then may you succeed at peer relationships with others. You cannot afford to 'gain the entire world only to lose your soul', therefore know your soul first. Delphi oracle, Jesus' words about his only two commandments, one being 'loving your neighbor, as yourself'. In order to love your neighbor, you have to know yourself. And, what a revolutionary act it was two thousand years ago, loving one's neighbor. Maybe it's the same with race and religion today, huh?

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Magician makes it happen. You can be the poster child for persuasive speech getting others to aid you in creating your reality. A Good Book says, ‘In the beginning, the Word said, 'Let there be light' And, there was light, not gold bullions. Sound matters. Tone matters. Confidence in your ideals matters. Your magic (yes, pun intended) comes from your talking about, thinking about and telling others about what you want. Your Libran side (as you develop) will of course include them.

The Emperor controls yourself or others or both, but setting boundaries is a must. As an original influencer, you observe our strengths and weaknesses. Then you create an inclusive play. You'll find yourself either meeting with those who want to run roughshod, if you're too much of a lover or you are the one who keeps on lifting others up. Either way, it's balancing both you, the other and the relationship. Resist the temptation to use the Magician's mask as a cover up for some real power issues. Admit to your strength. We need your willpower focused upon pulling everyone up--maximizing shared potentials. If you believe you’ve failed, redefine failure and success. Duality bites---must be transcended.

The raw power and majesty of the Sun provides a rallying vision against your depressing early family life. Saying you were a handful is an understatement. Libra PIF Ones have a willful streak that has to learn peace and diplomacy. ‘Fools rushing in where angels fear to tread’ was meant for your pioneering manner (or is it warrior?)’The more you learn to look within for your illumination and inspiration, the more you are able to live anywhere and do anything. You allow your soul to guide most of your actions. You realize that it has to be you who changes your thoughts, learning to find what you need inside yourself---and then shine onto everyone. Sure, you’ll still judge, discern and turn your nose up at crude behavior, but the Sun shines on everyone, everyday no matter how you may personally feel about them. Their ‘bad’ behavior is no excuse for you to act out.

The Wheel of Fortune requires that you ride life’s inevitable ups and downs from the center. You instinctively acknowledge the cyclical nature of people's feelings and actions to support you (or not). Your best way of paying it forward is to communicate your independent vision and then drop the mike. Recognize when we’ve stopped listening. Begin a new project (person, place or thing). You perceive how things change but you are a hard worker and ready to make connections between people and the larger purpose for work. As the first sign of the upper hemisphere (how we get along with others and get beyond our instincts just to reproduce and protect our territory), you can see the hand of 'fate' in everyone's life you meet.

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