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Numbers, Stars & Cards---Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Eights

For add'l understanding of this system only found here click on the above link.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Libra folx:

Venus runs yourSelf.

Mars makes your relationship.

Saturn harbors your soul.

Moon greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Libra PIF Eights

Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Eights (September 26, October 8, 17): As a Libra PIF Eight, your Sun sign mandates peer relationships be a major priority but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot intensify your focus upon career. Paying It Forward requires you live the difference between wage slavery (job), career and vocation. You can integrate your vocation into your daily living with intention. Until the age of 29 (your first Saturn return), you will believe you are an empty vessel for every patriarchal voice, every ‘should’nor ‘must’. You won't begin to climb any (not to mention every) mountain unless you've been given permission. As you mature, you will give an equal voice to early life and imprinting as to your heart's desire to make a personal mark on the world from your joyous heart. Public opinion be damned! More importantly, family or cultural perspectives are placed in proper perspective. Imagine you are Pandora pre-opening the jar (it wasn't a box). It is your destiny to open what may be considered ills to others' give that some thought. Your presence challenges those who do not know (or want to) share power.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Judgement aka Master of the Scientific Method As a Libran PIF Eight you finely tune the details of living to deduce the bigger picture. You are learning to balance your mind and body. Investigate the mechanics of the human brain. Pay particular attention to the corpus callosum (connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain). I’d bet yours is larger or more active. You see both sides. That eight energy demands you behave like a statesperson who takes the long and holistic view. To allow one hemisphere to rule your decision-making process dries out your innate joy. You study inflection and tone to secure a beautiful partner. You create the same environment to observe the responses. You realize your space outside of time and your time outside of space to embody a grand personage, a great soul. Sure, there will be bumps (or blood), but evolution is central to your existence. You may not know why you enter into a relationship or situation, however, through big picture reflection on your past, you will rarely repeat any patterns more than twice.

The High Priestess aka Soft Touch who knows the resoluteness of the mare. The mare can perseveringly follow the show horse. Yet, as you age you cease your overaccommodation simply to keep the ‘peace’. You start to appreciate your soul, that wise adviser that gives you a third eye mind flashes on what you’re learning in every conscious moment of your life. Of course you can admit your vulnerabilities to yourself. Simply you have to discern (shades of Virgo) when to share them. Be like those Hasidic priests who require you to ask three times before they answer a question. Any peer or mate of yours must possess oodles of perseverance. You know who you are going to allow in, almost at first contact. Yet, your other scale asks that you wait for those potential close others to demonstrate their value first.

The Temperance aka Eternal Child and Old One blending the young and the old, the sweet and the bitter. In this very real sense, you create an entirely new taste from the precise and steady observing witness like a soul. (As I've established, in case you forgot, the soul is our personal witness of thoughts, feelings, visions and actions. It works through and with our egos to embody growth from a holistic viewpoint.) The Temperance card symbolizes the integration of your spirituality with your physical world. (soul & ego dancing in concert). Continue to ground yourself through enjoyable physical activities and very little will be hidden from you. Yes, there will be time that you’ll want to escape your daily responsibilities. May I suggest napping? Tea ceremony? Calling instead of texting a close friend?

The Justice co-creating with Athena, Isis, Oya, Maat to name a few, but you have the watchful eye of some powerful forces. Hell, even look within your own ancestral line. Invoke these forces to gain your best advantage.You know those women who struggled but for others and a better life, not battling because they were simply unhappy. Taking risks does not come easily to you, but it can when your brain/gut moves you to stand your ground. Please live as if you have very little fear of being tempted to go overboard. In essence, all Karmic Eights regardless of Sun sign have the almost instantaneous karmic balance factor, like cosmic synchronicity. Put it out, get it back. It is all a choice about what is put out 'joy or grief? Pro-choice, huh? Release or detangle those wounds from early childhood. Go on a ‘forgiveness’ tour (at least within your mind)---reframe those ‘victim’ stories.

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