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Numbers, Stars & Cards: Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Fours

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Numbers---your date of birth.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Libra folx:

Venus runs yourSelf.

Mars makes your relationship.

Saturn harbors your soul.

Moon greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Libra PIF Fours

Read following link to have a fuller understanding of Paying It Forward

Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Fours (September 22, October 4, 13, 22): As a Libra PIF Four, your sun sign requires you give equal weight to your egocentric needs as well as your soul's needs but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot ground and focus this balancing act perfectly. Four has the distinct responsibility to the rational mind. You are one part idealist, two parts realist which adds up to being a pragmatist. Structure is necessary. Security is necessary. Love is necessary. How you keep all of these ducks in a row can be the one mystery you solve for your entire lifetime. Talk about repeating themes. No matter how idealistic Libra may be, you see your worth reflected in your discipline and being a touchstone for those in your orbit (and that can include the entire planet!)

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

Light worker oscillating back and forth soul between free spiritedness (The Fool) and suppression (The Emperor) yours and everyone else's urges. You control us; as Fool you can be out of control, talk about hypocrisy. Actually, you as a Solar Libran are seeking to influence the thinking of others, when your ego is sagging like some beltless jeans. When you move between ego (self-interest) and soul (collective interests), you create integrated structures that includes everyone. You thrive on studying how each human being is unique. You take it to the next level through facilitating our individual expression. Like other fours, for sure (pun intended), yet yours is more intense because of the nature of vacillation innate to your sun sign. Vacillation when we’re in judgement of you, rapt consideration and open-heartedness as we begin to understand the future you. Once you realize your soul lives in the past and future (it’s our egos that exists in duality), you relax and your natural charm shines through.

A planetary wanderer searching for The Sun. You possess an a natural ability to listen as well as act. We feel heard in your presence. It is remarkable that you can create a co-star (Sun) out of anyone you meet. Your ‘what if?’ demeanor attracts and beguiles. Your confidence rarely becomes offensive because you use your will to create those ‘win-win’ situations. When ignored by early childhood mentors you may long to be a satellite to someone's star (Sun), until you realize what you're looking for lies within. It is about sharing your life. Know thyself and relate in moderation. You can play submissive (keep a safe word or two). You can play dominant (know the safe word or two). But, again, as it is with your other numerological karmic siblings, it is playing both roles that makes your relationship life full and passionate. Spiritual Mary/Pragmatic Martha in that Jesus parable is two aspects of one woman---your receptive loving soul (that is if soul were to have a gender…)

The Magician who is wanting to gain The World. Losses are simply gains you haven’t recognized as such yet. The life of your soul carries itself in a mixed bag if you allow someone else’s view to cloud your definition of success or failure. Yes, there will be teachers and role models, but you have to decide what is most important to you. You have a number of talents. Inertia, procrastination and a self-esteem sabotaged by an itinerant parent (or two) keeps you mired in a whole host of regrets. Remember the Magician has the passion of fire, groundedness of earth, intellect of air and empathy of water---your balanced and integrated will has control of these elements. As you continue to strengthen your ego through developing your gifts, the World supports you---even if you have a myriad of doubts.

The Chariot and The Tower for your attention. Some days you awaken through playing the role of the Iconoclast, breaker of false images of inauthentic authority. Other days you turn into a cowgirl and ride your horse like The Chariot. Keeping your own counsel and emotional momentum. You rescue yourself through not reacting personally but responding with the long term view in your mind and heart. You renovate your relationship to all those who are in alleged control. When you find and live from your center, you emanate a peace that passeth all understanding like the Good Book says. Once you locate your center, you know how to return to your center. You redeem yourself through taking on challenges of bringing disparate people and communities together, balancing the old with your new visions.

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