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Numbers, Stars & Cards--Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Sixes

Please read link first for add'l insight into this new system.

Numbers---your date of birth.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Libra folx:

Venus runs yourSelf.

Mars makes your relationship.

Saturn harbors your soul.

Moon greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Libra PIF Sixes

Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Sixes (September 24, October 6, 15): As a Libra Six, your sun sign points to a person who love and family mean the world but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot accentuate and sometimes overloads how much of our 'stuff' you allow yourself to take on. Saturn lends his considerable practical energies to Libra. As such, you may take on responsibilities that are not yours---out of guilt or shame. Ideals may guide your behavior, but priorities are a must. Not wanting to hurt a fly (even when you're holding the swatter) you have to, simply have to, learn to not let us down so easily. The double combination of Venus (Sun) and the even number 6 can keep you in love with love so much that you are easily taken advantage of, a peace keeper who knows no inner peace. You possess a mind that's centered on devotion to those closest to you. Pleasing everyone but yourself keeps you in escapist tendencies at worse and fantasies (Lotto numbers) at best.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Lovers in any cultural dynamics. From class trash to Lancelot and Guinevere to Jay Z and Beyonce, you add a dimension of romance to anywhere you find yourself, and you play on it. Realize that love comes in many forms, friendship, family, pets and dedication to an ideal. As your soul matures, you begin to see the interconnectedness of every living being. You constantly and consistently adapt to the whims and wishes of everyone. Although you keep an attuned heart for those who seem too much like the Grinch, you feel when you can trust (and unless you're planning to misrepresent your intentions), you're rarely mistaken. Your light (but responsible) touch is needed when conflict erupts.

The Hanged One idolizes the features of your loved ones out of proportion to their ability to deliver. Extreme expectations to no expectations, unconditional love remains elusive as long as you do not cultivate self-acceptance, love and respect for yourself. You become lost, addicted even to saving others in a codependent melee of your own creation. Once you return Venus' mirror to your own salon, and peer in it for contemplation as well as grooming, your esteem increases, then love finds you, virtuous, pure and passionate.

The Hermit, sitting with family feeling alone. There's a method to your madness. You have a need to be at one with your thoughts and feelings, so you can better witness your actions. Your soul takes you to task when you don't commune with it. How? By beginning to mimic feelings in lieu of feeling feelings. As an astute observer with a keen ear, you know what others want to hear from you. But do you know what you want to hear from you?

Big Shot aka The World, not selling your soul for it (well, you will if you do not keep balanced through meditation, prayer or contemplation) but demonstrating what is possible through love and peace. You integrate the darker sides of human nature in order to play the role of the cultured messenger from the invisible realms of spirit. Tougher skin (shown through your Rising or Moon Signs) may delineate a politician, entrepreneur or performer who awakens us through insight, humor and steeliness. Numbers---your date of birth.

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