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Our Noble Chiefs’ Hearts

Today’s game with the NY Jets (0-7) ended with the KC Chiefs (6-1) beating them 35 to 9.

It’s been 24 years that the Jets have been 0-8. Le’Veon Bell, who had a year contract with the Jets, played well.

Venus (how we play well with others or not), nearly returns to the same space every 8 years. 24 years ago, 0-8, 35-9, these are multiples of eight (8). I’m including the score 35+9=44/8 too.

In the mystical world that works thru me, I listen, intuit and connect.

All symbols matter!

Numbers, stars and cards.

11.1.2020=16. There were 416 passing yards for 5 touchdowns and 496 total yards. 80 rushing yards.

Venus makes a pentagram (5) in Her dance between the Sun and Earth every 8 years.

Patrick Mahomes II was born on 9.17.1995. His Birth Path is 9+1+7+1+9+9+5=41/5

His Power Date (day of birth) is 17/8.

Patrick is an embodiment of the Venus Star!

Fibronachi numbers of 5 and 8! He is here to be a living symbol of bringing teams together through his awareness of how to evolve and display your personal passions…in the heartland!

To top it all off he was born with Venus at 2 degrees of Libra. Today, Venus is at 6 degrees of Libra. He is at his height of beginning a powerful alignment with Venus.

Venus brings harmony, joy and sensitive folx!

He and Le’Veon Bell have 5 Birth paths (more Venusian joy), but their passions for fairplay in competition and heartfelt connection harmonize on the Venus Star!

Stay tuned and open hearted. We will be able to explore all of the Chiefs join together at our shared roots to download and increase our joy!

Let’s save this day, yes?

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