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Hopefully, we live to a ripe old age and we age like fine wine.? With Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8, 2018, we are all seeking meaning in our life?s major transitions:? birth, puberty, menopause, andropause, marriage and divorce.? How we feel about these transitions, including the biggest one, death is intimately connected to the sign of Scorpio.? For the next year we get to go deep, play deep and feel deep.? Our bodies are our most cherished possession.? Treat it as if it were a vintage piece of furniture or prized antique, no matter what your chronological age.? We have an entire year to learn how to expand our inner horizons on how to make the most out of our lives.? How we respond to loss can demonstrate the hallmarks of our true character.

Jupiter in his role of benevolent protector can shape our resolve to move beyond our fears.? Imagine that we are experiencing a shift in direction, from outward expansion and use of resources to inward analysis and sharing our gifts from our emotional body.? Gifts like, love, joy, peace, happiness, kindness, honesty, bravery and valor. These gifts are not exhaustive.? Whenever you drop your ego?s attachment to rationalizations and being right, you can merge with another on all levels of existence:? physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual.

Jupiter in Scorpio through the 12 signs:

Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius seek to express their identities through action and integrity.? Our spirits are perfect as they are, complete and whole onto itself.? Your spiritual bodies need to be fed through realizing your possibilities of existence in a realistic way.? While it is usually under the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn that we discuss the physical world, it is the fire element that highlights the visions that motivate our passions to be brought into the tangible world.

Jupiter in Scorpio helps Aries confront any fears of identity loss or victimizations. Learning to be brave and independent in your intimate relationships reign supreme this year.? Taking the risk of emotional expression, no matter how difficult, taboo or vulnerable is a point of growth for you.? Please take the time to access your soul, that part of your being that witnesses your history, particularly your relationship history.? Learn from your mistakes so they won?t be repeated.

Old flames, home fires burning and trusting that you can play with fire is what Jupiter is teaching the noble sign of Leo.? Jupiter is given to excess and in Scorpio, this can affect your emotional reactions.? Your unexamined pasts can trigger overreactions.? However, take a clue from Scorpio, look within for the motives behind your actions.? Then, Jupiter will protect your evolution, and you?ll have less apologies to offer to your closest others.

Sagittarius?s ruler is Jupiter, so in his neighboring sign of Scorpio simply shifts your vision to your inner world of dreams, collective unconscious, angels, guides, yoga and any path toward spiritual growth.? You?ll find strength in being alone as if there is a profound well of intuitive wisdom upon which to draw.? This well exists.? Schedule daily escapes to explore your inner landscape, if not, you can burn out and easily become depressed.

The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn seeks physical and financial security.? Expansive Jupiter in emotional Scorpio can highlight what you think you lack.? Then, you?ll explore why you believe in lack.? Instead of saying ?but, no?, you?ll say ?yes & and?.

Taurus, as Scorpio is your opposite sign, Jupiter wants to deepen and fortify your connections.? Sharing freely what you have is a start.? Yet, sharing yourself, your time and your real feelings is what your treasure will be found.? Educate yourself on Emotional Intelligence.? Take psychological inventories.? It?s a go deep or go home kind of year for you.? Remember ?yes & and?.

Virgo, watch your immediate social circle enliven and grow.? If you have unspoken rifts with siblings, neighbors or people you see daily through your routines, allow Jupiter to blow these challenges out of proportion, so they can be resolved.? Repress and suppress are not Jupiter themes.? In transformative Scorpio you?ll be amazed at the deepened unity you?ll experience when you clear the air or set better boundaries.

Capricorn, like your earth sign sibling of Virgo, your friendship circle expands.? If you?ve been considering going into business with a friend, this Jupiter placement gives a green light.? Realize that the glass is half full, not dirty and cracked.? Your legacy is important to you.? You?ll get there through discerning who are the correct souls to have on your team, your inner circle.? Analysis, yes, suspiciousness, no.

The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are human, searching for fairness.? Excessive Jupiter in emotionally deep Scorpio can bring humidity to an otherwise breezy day usually desired by you.

Gemini shares a curiosity about people like Scorpio.? This current Jupiter phase will have you wanting research more about health, exercise, diet and working out.? Trusting your instincts about your body is important too. ?Alleviate any anxiety you may have as a coworker relationship becomes closer. ?Imagine your life playing the role of an improvisational actor.? Choose the reflection of each scene, stay open to what?s said and observe.

Libra has the most to gain in treating your body a prized vintage possession.? There can be a sense of increased prosperity without any income change.? As with all things Scorpio, the allure of mystery draws the rational scale bearer to investigate occult subjects and the paranormal.? If it?s taboo, it?s for you.? Trust in your moderate thoughts and gut-brain instincts to light your way.

Aquarius has multiple blessings occurring in your professional life.? Hard work will begin to pay off.? Lose any ?rebel without a cause? or ?lone wolf? vibes.? Pay some of the social games.? Talk to those who make the decisions about your career.? Make a storyboard to demonstrate your aspirations.? Know what your intentions for your future.

Jupiter emphasizes the intersection of spirit and soul as he treks through Scorpio.? ?Rising tide lifting all boats? rings so true for the other two water signs of Cancer and Pisces.

Cancer will feel an expansion of confidence.? As such, you?ll receive more desired attention from quality folk.? If in a relationship, it is indicated to take risks to increase the shared passions and fun. An avocation or hobby could turn into a money-making venture.? Allow no one to tell you how to live your life.

Scorpio, ol? Jove in your sign increases your mental and spiritual restlessness.? This can range from traveling at a moment?s notice (for professional education), learning a foreign language, returning to school or offering your perspective.? Jupiter shows possibilities and opportunities, it takes your steely will to use your discipline to manifest these visions.? Let any divine discontent alert you to pause and reevaluate your chosen direction.

Before Neptune?s discovery in 1846, Jupiter ruled Pisces.? As your traditional ruler moves through compatible Scorpio, you?ll be able to focus on how much to give, to forgive and to live.? Instead of a boundless experience, you locate your willpower to know where transformation is needed, where limits need to be applied.? Read Gemini because that improvisional actor meme belongs to you too.

The light-hearted entitled energy of Jupiter meets the dark depths of Scorpio.? Through trusting the gut-brain of our physical bodies, we can use this next year to explore darker subjects.? Let?s explore how we can not only live to experience our bodies as vintage, but live fully and well.? We can face our shadows with the faith that we have many resources to light our way.? Faith exists beyond our rational minds.? Through faith we learn to trust in the unseen, in Scorpio, it is the bonding our soul?s intelligence to a humility that knows at least two things:

1.?????? Our higher selves must be married to our lower selves that act, produce and manifest a larger vision in our world?aka ?faith without works is dead? James Chapter 2, verses 14-16

2.?????? Our shadow (the splintered, projected part of our selves) must be brought into the light of consciousness aka ?being woke? for us to evolve individually and collectively.

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