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Party With A Purposs

Approximately 50 years (around the start of hip hop), Susan L. Taylor IG @iamsusanltaylor coined this phrase 'Party With A Purpose'. As Editor-in-Chief, Founder !nd CEO of Essence Magazine, she knew her target audience of African American women.

Today's Sagittarius Sun and Moon in late Pisces ♓️ inspires us to celebrate! Those of us who enjoy paying it forward, the skies are friendly and loving--big picture Jupiter is slowing down to move direct on December 30th. Even Trickster Mercury has put the brakes on too much online spending. If you must buy gadgets, get the warranty and keep all receipts.

Realize you have a purpose simply because you are alive. Yes, it's that simple. It's our belief in the outer world of appearances that keeps us in that hamster wheel of always moving but never resting.

Allow these next couple of days with Pisces ♓️ to Aries ♈️ Moon/Mood be your guide to innocence regained & restored. That's what Mercury is unearthing from our underworld. Choose to set your intentions upon goodwill and purposeful living! Aiding us is a holiday season. Leave those wounds in your rear view.

Taurus ♉️ Moon/Mood moves in Thursday 12.21 at 850pm for the Winter Solstice at 927pm CST. Light candles to burn away your past pain as well as illuminating a pathway to your whole & healed hearts 💕!

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