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The end of a yearly cycle before the return of spring, that?s Pisces. ?New Moons represents beginnings; Pisces demonstrate endings. Let?s say we are ending the grief of the illusion of the ego?s separateness. ?Each of these spiritual languages (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, I Ching, etc. require us to pause, reflect and recognize the clues of the oneness we all are. ?We are learning how to slow down our rational minds, add a little faith in our intuition to get the answers we sorely need. It is a blend of logic and knowing.

This New Moon reduces to the number 12/3 (3+6+3). ?That?s the Hanged Man and Empress. These major secret (aka arcana) cards represent life in suspension and joy. ?The Hanged Man shows a blissful figure hanging upside down. Know that we all enter the physical world upside down. ?This card is usually associated with Neptune. The Empress brings us fertility, pleasure and joy. Without gratitude, joy could not exist.

The Sun and Moon are also conjunct (sharing space with) Neptune and Vesta. ?Look at the repeated themes of self-sacrifice that the universe is giving to us. ?A beginning of a spiritual practice, perhaps? A resurgence of trusting in the alleged coincidences, maybe? ?A willingness to mutate your cynicism into skepticism, huh? Vesta, a keeper of the hearth, gave up her role of goddess on Mount Olympus. ?She symbolizes the passions of love used for a higher spiritual purpose. Where do you find and express your passions? Can you be full of spirit and fire without guilt, shame or control?

Remember joy is sourced in gratitude. ?Toddler planet Mars is in physical and financial security driven Taurus, so this New Moon it is important to know where your treasures are buried. ?Sometimes when we are having a good time on earth, we overlook the value of spiritual experiences. Neptune and Pisces often nudges us to evolve through a ?divine discontent?, or a ?spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? life. ?The mixed feelings of the imperfections of the physical plane can be inspirations for growth.

Our collective Passion (Venus) Star is warrior, self-directed and in ?ride or die? Scorpio. ?We are all wanting to get to the bottom of what motivates us and those we love to seek comfort, money, sex and power. ?The HBO special Leaving Neverland brings up our taboos around celebrities (aristocratic leanings that they are above the law), along with other powerful men such as R Kelly, Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey, Brett Kavanaugh and Robert Kraft. ?Pisces seeks to exhibit compassion. However, the Venus Star in Scorpio (until August 13) will bring into the light any imbalances on emotional and sexual levels, along with the hypocrisy and pain.

Mercury is in retrograde until March 28 in Pisces. ?Think of our minds are reaching out to our souls, wanting to ask questions of spiritual importance. ?Pisces offers us utopian dreams, for sure, but without a guiding desire of how we are all ONE, we live and express ourselves cynically. ?Use this time to replace doubt, again, to pause to consider compassion and forgiveness, not simply to judge and dismiss (particularly those in our families).

Higher octave Uranus returns to Taurus for the next six years or so. ?Uranus as higher octave offers us a larger, and often instantaneous, perspective. We have an opportunity to look inwardly to see what brings us and our families together. ?Uranus disrupts, reframes the question, shoots down assumptions. Taurus desires consistent comfort and physical security. These are uneasy bedfellows, particularly if you have strayed from what truly matters.

Can we fundamentally change our basic values, perhaps agree upon what is the minimal amount each of us may live comfortably? How can we release our attachment to the physical world? ?How can be share resources more equitably? How can be eat more simply, naturally? How can technology be used responsibly?

Yes, we are living the Chinese curse, ?may you live in interesting times?. ?As we witness the reformation of our nation and our planet, we must align to our core ideal values. ?Your personal disruption will be in direct proportion to how far you?ve gone off course from living your values. ?It is what you give freely and without attachment to response that truly matters. Pisces is all about soul service, paying attention to those intangibles, offering goodwill and being willing to live more from shared communal vision than an individual mandate.

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