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Ready For A Planetary Upgrade?

Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio offer us all an opportunity to dig deep into our emotional, sexual, physical and mental needs. Believe it or not, Mercury slowing down to go retrograde aids in this process. As I hope you're aware, I've been working with Tavish Carduff and Our Raw Materials. It's a natural thought process to increase your awareness of balancing our ego (self-interest/body) and soul (collective/shared rooted interests).

Venus in Scorpio until October 7 brings in an excellent energy to realize where and how our desires are formed. Suppression does not work. Facing (and even fantasizing about desires) works better. Mars in Libra can help you communicate what you desire, possibly without acting on them. Our Raw Material (ORM) through week 7 suggests making a list of your Values (Venus in Scorpio) & Ideals (Mars in Libra). Where you do place your time and focus? Values alert. What are some your big picture items that you don't tell anyone cause you don't want to be thought of as naïve? Ideals happening. World peace or a world without money. Fresh water and food for all. Lofty, yes---however, we are genetically programmed to care and share---even when the so-called 'real' world says this will never happen.

When these two personal planets of interconnectedness and separateness are moving thorough each other's domiciles (hotels, as it were)---magical things can and do occur. As you contemplate a world where love comes first, instead of 'us against the world', your heart opens and your frequencies rises. Venus in Scorpio guides our egos to observe, pause and contemplate. We begin to examine why we don't trust the process of life anymore. Mars in Libra represents the warrior/ego wearing diplomatic clothing. Instead of struggling with others, his swords are turned into plow shears---willing to dig deep into the 'why?' of starting new relationships. After all, we are in a Metal Oxen year---and oxen in their domesticated form like to be yoked. Feeling like some yoga anyone? Yoga means 'yoked'. Our egos are yoked to our souls and vice versa. No, it's not a Freaky Friday. It's an unification. Mutual receptions bring about this interconnectedness.

Make a list of what and who is important---yes, children you can check it twice because our souls are metaphorically Santa Claus. Along with our invisible entourage of ancestors, guides, saints, fairies and elves, etc., our souls conspire to keep us on path. Our paths are individual (Mars) and untrodden (Mars again). When his happy ass sits pretty in Libra (we, us) we get multiple glimpses into what our personal mission can be. Hint: it involves opening our vulnerable hearts (Venus in Scorpio) and letting the sunshine in. Those of us who have chosen to be physical want to share in stories of how we leave our fear to express our love of life. To share is divine. Scorpio tends to give two choices---go selfless or self-destructive.

Our souls' truths speak through paradox---which is the language of the heart. Follow only logic during these times and your love will dry up faster than a river bed in the American Southwest. Follow the images of love and soul --your days will fill up with one alleged coincidence one after another. Our souls speak through synchronicities---the planets are simply light posts along the way. The more open your heart, the more light shines through you. Let the Goddess of Love show you the way while She gets extra time in her home sign ---thanks to Integrity Driven Mars in his home sign of Scorpio slaying all dragons (ego gone amok) blocking the way for more profound love.

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