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Restless & Passionate? Evening Venus Star in Aries: Saturday 3/26 at 12.55am CDT

Welcome Aries Venus Star. Realize that our Dess of Love has been Invisible since February 1. She will be cagey until May 15, 2021. We are all mutating. Imagine our souls are living our own ‘trail of tears’. Dramatic. Well, yes. Duh. We humans do not evolve in the beginning from joyous expectations of rainbows. We grow when we are in enough pain. Ask any trickle down economist.

What’s on your mind? Is it love? If so, what kind of love? Young love, hot and passionate, erotic even, however, what other kinds of love do you want to explore? Our brains are said to be our largest sex organ, so how does our minds’ stories tell us about the nature of our attractions?

Help me, I’m making best efforts to understand. What if I’ve not ever felt the hormonal mix of ‘in love’ feelings? What if there is a demisexual side to me? This is what an Aries Evening Star (ES) asks of themselves. Beyoncé made a visual album ‘Lemonade’. She artistically (abstract/ES) expressed her anger at Jay’s alleged infidelities, right? Huh? We are currently entering into the chasm that can exist between truth and fiction. Aries strikes at the jugular. When hurt, hold your neck and guard your head, an Evening Star in Aries will plot, particularly when Mars is in Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces or Virgo. Note this order---because they go from most likely to least likely in terms of intensity. Karma gets recognized through our intensity of a reaction. If your ego carries scarcity consciousness, you may have karma or an intense reaction to people who have money.

Aries Evening Star roots its passions in being pioneering or being first. Like the Aries Sun, they want to give their people ‘firsts’. Each time Mars moves through another sign, we will get a different flavor of this Star. Each expression of Mars offers another perspective on how to use the raw passions of the Aries star for mutual growth and shared evolution.

Mars in Gemini from March 3 to April 23 highlights our personal passions for communication, observation and trying new out. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's love that brought him back, right? Think of all of fragmented experiences since last June. Use the warrior’s focus tempered by the unity seeking and ideal living of the Evening Star to feel a deeper connection to your motivations emanating from your wise soul. What’s in it for me? This question can morph into what’s in the best interest of those closest to me, emotionally and physically? Real talk based upon the facts and limits of a situation or relationship are your guides. Dragons, Rats & Monkeys can feel inspired to complete unfinished projects. Oxen, Snakes and Roosters can feel the call to experiment with new hobbies or skills.

Mars in Cancer from April 23 to June 11 is said to be in his ‘fall’. Yet, raising our warrior selves is Venus becoming visible at sunset after May 13. A Visible Venus is a powerful symbol for collective expression of the Divine Feminine (we are in this together). An Aries Star (Morning or Evening) has an intense passion for direct, unmediated expression from spirit. Her visibility helps us see our ideals. Our focused souls protect our evolution. Powerful Capricorn takes Martial energies and applies them to be utilized for everyone’s benefit and growth. In Cancer, the warrior can misdirect their anger towards those that are closest---oh, we hurt those we love. However, the sensitivity of Cancer can bring out protective and nurturing qualities. The happy home, building home equity or more physical activity (workout and house parties) can be in order too. As an Evening Star is more social, this Mars can bring those back home ala the prodigal son or daughter. Reaching out to those who've lost contact has been lost is advised for all signs, but especially those of the humanitarian variety (Tigers, Dogs & Horses).

Mars in Leo blazes a royal pathway from June 11 to July 29. With Chiron/Wounded Healer in Aries, this Venus Star has our unearthing our innate light. As ageless spirits we all have the capacity to heal and make whole our full beings---ego and soul alike. Living unapologetically individual and conscious we inspire others through courageous self-expression. Recognizing our audience’s needs without pandering to them keeps our authenticity and street cred intact. Our solar will must be turned over to the community for enthusiastic service. Allowing the soul’s will to interact through a powerful and improvisational voice. Action speaks volumes through play and pleasure. Expressing holistic self love makes up any bruised ego in order to have health for group involvement and acceptance. The action oriented nature of the connoisseurs of Rabbits, Goats/Sheep and Pigs.

After improvising and living from one’s heart (& soul), Mars in Virgo (July 29 to September 14) brings in necessary analysis and growth. Now the ego is humbled, from being lead singer to a proficient member of the band or producer. There’s nothing wrong with being a roadie or a background singer, it’s teamwork, stupid. It's a reflection on your process. From leadership to manager opens up time and space to study how to most efficiently proceed, no matter what you’re doing. Virgo passions help Aries respect the details of how to help folx recognize their capabilities. Delegation is central. Remember though that your ability to feel pain and delay gratification is not the same as everyone else’s. Power and its idealistic use can be an underlying motivation for this Evening Star. Everyone can act from their best ‘service of love’ expressions.

Now, instinctively individualized Mars fires up the objectively diplomatic atmosphere of Libra (September 14 to October 30). Refusing to admit to hurt that leads to anger can have your building resentment. Evening Star energies are intimately connected to Libra and its other-directed qualities. Aries is a definite counterbalance. These fiery folx will not give the store away. All of us during this time will be learning how to let go of ego attachments that interfere with true soul sharing. Scorpio has an ego death associated with it. The double Mars influence (Venus Star Aries) says make the adjustments to the impulsive and controlled parts of your nature aka ‘choosing your battles carefully’. Libra Mars creates the ‘pause’ or ‘taking the matter under advisement’ to create this much needed balance.

October 30 to December 13, the dispositor (guardian/ruler) of Venus Star in Aries, Mars goes deep into the underworld (where shadows, motivations and our soul is sourced) in Scorpio. While the Venus Star wants to get on with showing off what it’s so proud of, this Mars may stay resistant and stubborn. But, if we allow our souls to lead, we can create new relationships on solid emotional foundations. Sometimes it takes a re-create or simply more recreation. It’s important at this time to know what matters---hint, your soul knows. Scorpio teaches through loss and lack. Learning to move forward without getting overly concerned with the past or thinking that the past is destined to repeat itself.

The last Mars change before the Venus Star feeds into Capricorn on January 8, 2022 is Mars in expansive Sagittarius (December 13 to January 24, 2022). This combination of two transpersonal signs offers each of us a chance to operate from a larger, planetary vision. ‘Thinking globally, acting locally’ has rarely been truer. The ideas of how to come together. Sagittarius creates the vision that hopefully is inclusive and compassionate. Sometimes an Aries Star can be insecure and see themselves as ‘better than’ others. However, if lessons of equality and justice are not heeded in the earlier Mars Placements from Libra (September 14), the Morning Star Capricorn On January 8 to October 22, 2022 will rectify (often publicly) systemic and personal imbalances. Many astrologers have theorized that we are on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius (certainly since December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined at the first degree of Aquarius. Ideas and ideals regarding humanity, elevating everyone and honoring each person’s unique contributions are central.

Imagine the scissors that cut your umbilical cord. You are physically being separated from your mother’s womb. Venus Star in Aries has the shears. You must exist on your own apart from the source. Mars represents the metal that cuts as well as your soul’s ability to evolve on its own. The hack? Allowing the unity seeking and peacemaking qualities of Venus to soften Mars. Venus can burn away the toxicity of hypermasculine Mars (are they the same thing). As Evening/Lover in warrior Aries, know what and who is worth fighting for as opposed to fighting with...

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