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Last week I entertained extended family members. ?Acupuncturist, manicures, pedicures and massages were on our agenda. ?Healing and wholeness takes care of the inside and outside, after all, the spiritual and physical worlds are one world. ?Romance, a feeling of being open and powerfully vulnerable to another being can inform eroticism. ?And, the Venus Star, our personal passions and how they are lived on earth tick toc as a clock in the same area of our charts every four and eight years.

Romance and the number eight is where the loving story of Lady M enters. ?As our family visitor is getting a pedicure in midtown Kansas City and her brother is getting a massage, Lady M enters into the salon. ?Impeccable smile and sparkly eyes, we greet each other. ?I met Lady M at Boulevard Yoga where I subleased a small room and she taught yoga. ?It seems that we meet at our favorite nail spa.

Lady M informed me that she had recently gotten married. ?She and her husband had met in elementary school. ?His family moved away. ?Decades later a beautiful child of Venus, whom I shall called Lady T, performs her yenta (matchmaking) role. Being a cautious & sensitive?Cancer, Lady M takes six months to act on the yenta’s instructions.?Lady T, a Libran who pushes and influences others for love and union, informed Lady M about a man she must meet. ?It is the boy from her?elementary school.

Happy Birthday, tomorrow, Lady M! ?As I hear this story, I realize that the masseuse in the story has the same birthday as Lady M. ?But, I also start meditating on the romance of this story. ?The young boy had written in his yearbook that I love Lady M (her name begins with the letter M). ?Knowing Lady M’s birthday, I knew she was not intimately tied to the Venus Star Point, but I had an intuition that her husband would be… ?I asked her the age of her husband. ?She replied that he’ll be 40 in August. Forty years old, five Venus Star cycles.?Every eight years Venus gets closer to our earth and goes retrograde. ?That’s begins the warrior Morning Star phase of the planet of love and pleasure. ?Enter in Venus…

Mr. T (no pun intended), as Lady’s M mate was born with uber magnetic Venus in her retrograde (re-do) phase. ?This goddess of love has given both of them a second chance and?more mature chance at love and romance! ?Venus retrograde individuals often feel a reincarnational aspect to their relationships. But, in this story they met in elementary school in this life! ?These two souls, obviously, had other karmas and agreements to do, before re-uniting in their thirties. ?Reunion is an another aspect of Venus retrograde!

You see, Venus will retrograde on July 25. ?This apparently backward motion will last until September 6. Your lesson? ?Open your heart to the miracle of love and?magnetism. ?Realize that eroticism is encouraged, acting on your true passions from your heart center is also. ?Let this couple’s story reverberate within your spirit. ?Ask yourself with whom would you like to reunite or reconnect? ?Which core values have you lost touch with, and why? ?How have societal or family expectations been keeping your repressed or playing out a role for which you are not suited? ?Who has gotten?away’? ?What love has been lost because of pride or fear of vulnerability? ?Allow Lady M’s story to inspire you to act and live from your authentic, open and mature heart.

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