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Saturn in Pisces; Pluto in Aquarius---Irresistible & Transformative Forces of Pluto--Part Four

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Enter from our subconscious:

The Irresistible Force of Pluto

Pluto asks two central questions: ‘are you living up to your highest (deepest) potentials?’ and ‘if not, why not?

In Aquarius for 2.5 months in 2023 he will act like a robin at springtime--a harbinger for things to come mid-decade, when his happy ass stays in Aquarius for at least 20 years in late 2024. Does Pluto even have a ‘happy ass’? Hell yeah, when Persephone returns to their shared lair every late fall, mythological speaking. Even Underworld Gods get lonely too. Yep. Fosho.

  1. Hell (underworld pun def intended), this couple’s success depended upon separate vacations (and these days ethical polyamory). Without an inclusive vision of higher and transparent principles, ideals and values, Aquarius will exhibit about as much depth as a wading pool---or their ‘water bearer’ symbol leaves the rest of us parched and thirst--Scorpio lessons remain unintegrated. Human, interrupted. Rigid & withdrawn…instead of, free spirited, wild and alluring, as if they know only a secret about you.

Expectations of these changes, How do you respond and detach from having worries from the past and anxiety about the future? Both worries and anxieties keep you out of how power uses you for the present moment.

How do you flow with ambiguity? How do you allow yourself to observe connections without judgement?

Like who feeds these Lords of Death (LOD) from Aquarius and Pisces? Feeding is NB (Non-Binary)

  • Feeding signs listen from their hearts--Cancer and Aquarius; Leo and Pisces have a unique ‘feeding’ relationship...Huh? As we transition from staunchly patriarchal to egalitarian astrology (transgender feeding from transcendence), we move from oppositional/binary to relational and wholeness.

  • In these moments of rooted connectedness, it is important to recognize the humility necessary for these signs to increase the bonding based upon evolution of ego and soul.

  • In a world of binaries (Astrology’s history is captivated by oppositions), the feeding signs complete each other when they recognize nothing’s missing in the first place. Aquarius’s air and Cancer’s water are usually designated as incompatible, so is Pisces/water to Leo/fire. When each sign takes responsibility and uses their Mode/Quality to shift from ego to soul (and back again), there’s an evolutionary magical happenings. Cancer continues to pour feelings softening Aquarius’ resolve to see all logical possibilities only. Leo inspires Pisces to take an individual stance and not play victim.

  • Aquarius is Yang/Air but it has a Fixed Mode/Quality which is Yin. Aquarius is both/and--as our many truths are that emanate from our souls.. When Aquarius enacts from an ideal it uses its mind to determine what mixture of yang and yin to project into the outer world. Cancer softens Aquarius There’s a helpful watch that our souls observe our actions, feelings and thoughts to stay away from extremes and encourages equilibrium and moderation. Usually the mind of future possibilities based upon profound awareness of history underscores how Aquarians hear, listen and perceive our soul’s voice.

  • Cancer is Yin/Water but it has a Cardinal Mode/Quality which is Yang. Cancer is both/and. When Cancer enacts from inner gut feeling or value it uses its soul or ego or both to determine what mixture of yang and yin to move through the outer visible (yang) world. Aquarius helps Cancer see the outer world more objectively. Our souls connect to Cancer through ‘gut feelings’ aka clairsentience (seeing through the physical body).

  • Leo is Yang/Fire but it has a Fixed Mode/Quality which is Yin. Leo is both/and. When Leo enacts from a heart centered vision or feeling it uses imagined possibilities to self-realize and self-express into the outer visible world. Pisces gives a larger and more inclusive vision of self and others to Leo. In a strictly egocentric state Leos’ loyalty can be narrow, usually given to family and long term friends.

  • Pisces is Yin/Water and it has a Mutable Mode/Quality which is Both/and and/or Non Binary (NB). The Mutable Mode works its sign’s energy through their mental states where it is said gender expression originates. Their experiences determine which mixture of feeling to use---active,/male or passive/female or a combination of both. The fuel of Pisces is feelings and soul--inclusive and absolute love, surrender and sacrifice. No matter what gender expression Pisces leans heavily into yin/feminine. They are definitely centered upon the brain as the main sex organ. Leo allows Pisces to explore many different identities, roles and paths from a place of a whole hearted inclusiveness, not out of guilt or obligation. There’s a quiet unapologetic aspect to Leo and Pisces when combined..

Oppositions and Non Binary (NB)

  • Your ‘opposite’ sign carries your full shadow, but the sign before the opposition carries a supportive quality--a nuanced attractive one. The light of your 'opposite' sign can trigger you quite easily. However, once you embrace your soul's voice and sight (aka in-sight), you move towards equilibrium and moderation.

  • Enter Cancer Babatunde (my cat)--who drops ‘truth bombs’. A 'truth bomb' is a timing of a download from your soul. It can come as an insight or dream. It is an acknowledgement of how every living being is connected to every other living being. Throughout the COVID lockdown, I noticed on my Zoom appointments when the session brought up an ancestor or someone who was on their ‘lifeline’, Baba would come to my upstairs office. Aquarius, in my chart, represents the resources I work for through doing my vocation. Where is Aquarius in your chart? Baba is a Cancer, he naturally keeps my heart open, sensitive, vulnerable and soft.

  • When Aquarius behaves as if they are only ‘left-brained’ and logical, they can be cold, unfeeling and needy. I say, the most elusive kind of needy because they are unwilling to admit to their own personal needs while attempting to take care of what they think everyone else needs---the classic ‘fixer’ or mansplainer or the woman who feels they all they need is a ‘good man. Depending on how much they ‘control’ the relationship through money, status or sex, they can easily have their needs become transactional or ‘tit-for-tat’. Cancer transforms these controlling urges through forgiveness of the past transgressions.

  • Realize any person of any genders can get caught up in being the savior. Cancer aids Aquarius to do self-care first , then tends to others leaving any watching to see what their partners do or do not do. Through self-care there is less potential for resentment especially when the partner is more successful in the eyes of Aquarian.. So, this Pluto time in Aquarius calls upon all of us to daily tend to our emotional needs for nourishment and personal connection--regardless of Sun sign.

How can you choose how to love and when to give love? Can you remember the phrase ‘chosen family’ or ‘chosen community’ used as much as it is now? How about ‘Friendsgiving’? Which BTW, used to be called ‘Hobo’s Thanksgiving'

  • Likewise, when Pisces becomes too self-effacing and self-sacrificing, Leo comes in to demand that they treat themselves with at least as much dignity as they give to others. Pride from work well done differs greatly from pride sourced in fear and insecurity. Leo gives Pisces a noble image based upon feeling connected to some deeper, broader and inclusive energies.

  • Like the Tao, opposites are blended. The Tao-Te-Ching symbolizes these connecting of energies. There are no extremes of masculine comparison and ‘one upmanship’ or feminine ‘doormat’ energies. There are separate identities that show up to connect with each other. Tao

  • As a concentrated fire sign Leo offers adaptable water Pisces multiple and (often very imaginative) containers for their soulful waters. Yearning? Yes? Fantasy” For sure. However, when Pisces allows for the focus of Leo, they inspire through simply showing up…so invite them more than once.

  • Life changes for the two fish swimming in opposite directions. When aware and not in denial they encapsulate all gender expressions, no matter what they may practice in the bedroom or in their minds. Saturn in Pisces will aid all of us in the unfinished business of connecting our hearts as we seek( or not to seek) to smash the parts, ok? Remember the both/and of these feeding evolutionary energies, yes?

End of Part Four

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